Troops:Sarghress Heavy Infantry

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Drowolath, Drowussu, Ver'Drowendar




Naginata and long blades.


Full plate armor, with chain mail and golem enhancements

Fighting Style

Close range

Mana Mastery

Minor sorceries

Special Attributes




Standard Sarghress troops. Very similar to the skirmishers, except that these were trained for close combat only and are very skilled at fighting in formations. The most oft-used tactic is to form a shield-wall with their bodies and crush the enemies, as well as repelling charges from mounted enemy troops. They form most of the city militia and protect the clan's inner fortress. They can be used to patrol the dangerous areas of the city but, usually, they are given stationary positions due to their heavy armor.

Most heavy infantry are equipped with both a long weapon and a close-range weapon. The most common polearm is the naginata, a single-edged spear whose blade curves at the tip. It is meant for repelling tactics, fighting several enemies at once or attacking mounted troops. When the fight has to get personal they have their blades, or personal equivalent; preferably a heavy blade as they often have to fight armored enemies.

While most tend to favor a second blade as a shield, some have a retractable golem shield. Additionally, the Sarghress heavy infantry are usually trained in performing a 'team cast' mana shield, covering the entire force in case they are attacked by arrows.

Roleplay Recommendations

Treat them similarly to the skirmishers. Regular Sarghress soldiers with a mercenary past who joined Quain'tana's clan for various reasons; be it glory, money, the action or for Quain'tana's ideals. What more can I say? You've seen them over and over in the manga countless times!