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Drowolath, Drowussu, Light Elf




Any, preferably light weapons.


Form-fitting plate armor for long time wearing, with shield.

Fighting Style


Mana Mastery


Special Attributes

Armor of ancient design which can seal all the body.



The name "Highland Raiders" might be misleading for some. From the drow's point of view, the Highland is everything above them. It does not matter if it is towns close to the surface or the Overworld itself. The Highland Raiders are always traveling, a nomadic troop of soldiers under the command of Quill'yate Yurun'hiir Val'Sarghress. Their goal is to raid the highland ruins, legacy of the war that destroyed much of the surface, and take the riches they find to fund the clan. Sometimes they may end up finding artifacts which can benefit and strengthen the clan. Due to this continual traveling, the Highland Raiders have a very open-minded spirit which have led them to even accept light elves among their ranks.

They are familiar with the overworld and many cities, able to fight in many terrains and knowledgable about many of the races. Sometimes, they can be used for rescue missions for clans who might have lost some of its members on the Overworld. The troops have, over the course of the years, built several hidden outposts across the Underworld and Overworld, where they keep a minimal force along with some native support to protect each of them. As they are a nomadic group, their homes are carried along with them on top of giant lizards. The armor of the Highland Raiders is based on an ancient relic from the Moons Age; it was meant to be worn for a very long time. To pull this off, the armor is very form-fitting and golem enhancements make it both cool and warm to match the need. Additionally, it has a mask which can shut over the face to protect the user from harmful gas and weather.

Those who join the Highland Raiders are the Sarghress Warriors who have a desire to travel and have experience with relic hunting. It is not uncommon that this troop switches is members from time to time as a lot of Sarghress at some point in their life feels the need to see new horizons for a time, whole those who traveled for a long time end up needing a rest. Any of the troops, even those among the War Meat troops, may join the Highland Raiders. The War Meat troopers may not acquire the special armor, made specifically for the drow and which therefore needs an aura to active the golem enhancements.

Equipped with the best armor the Sarghress has to offer, heavily enhanced and equipped with light yet very solid blades, teh Highland Raiders are an elite troop which can stand on its own within foreign lands. Many members have found treasures on their quest, either on fallen enemies or from ruins, and may have kept them for personal use. Since all warriors come from different troops (even different parts of the world, considering there are light elves among them), each of them has their own personal fighting style.

Roleplay Recommendations

A good desire to see the world is needed to be a Highland Raider. It is probable that the character already has some experience with foreign lands and languages. This kind of troop is perfect when you want to roleplay a Sarghress far from Chel'el'Sussoloth.