Troops:Sarghress Skirmishers

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Drowolath, Drowussu, Ver'Drowendar




Bow or crossbow with light swords.


Light, reinforced leather, sometimes chain mail.

Fighting Style

Versatile, both close and long range.

Mana Mastery

Minor sorceries, arrow enhancement mana.

Special Attributes




Standard Sarghress troops. They are very versatile, able to fight both in close and long range combat. They all have mercenary roots, like most of the Sarghress clan. They're usually patrolling the city or guarding the fortress walls along with the heavy infantry. If they have to fight along with the heavy infantry, they will usually favor the bow to back up their comrades.

There is no real standard for the skirmisher's equipment. As mercenaries they self-trained themselves to a specific weapon. The skirmishers will most likely carry that weapon, but it is an obligation for them to master at least the bow or crossbow along with their main weapon. Their armor is made to be flexible, allowing them to run fairly fast. They will thus favor dodging over blocking enemy attacks. Skirmishers often use sorcery to strengthen their arrows.

Roleplay Recommendations

Treat much like the heavy infantry. Regular Sarghress soldiers with a past as mercenaries who join Quain'tana's clan for various reasons; be it glory, money, to action or for Quain'tana's ideals. What more can I say? You've seen them over and over in the manga countless times!