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Heavy blades and maces, sometimes oversized.


Full plate armor - can have golem enhancements.

Fighting Style

Aggressive close range. The wolf pounces, bites and claws, while the rider fights from their back.

Mana Mastery

Minor sorceries

Special Attributes

Mounted on Dire Wolves. The wolves themselves are trained to fight, with or without a rider.



Wolf Fangs are the Sarghress cavalry, riding a special breed of wolf. These Dire Wolves are giant-sized, able to carry a fully armored soldier and trained since an early age to hunt and fight. Even armored enemies will not make one of these Dire Wolves back off. Very smart and skilled at working in groups, with both their kin and riders, they are efficient killers. In a group, they can even overcome a mounted Sharen Dragon Knight. Some of the wolves attain an impressive size and usually become breeders, to keep making the Dire Wolves stronger than ever. The wolves belong to the whole clan, so the riders can switch in-between them and new riders can come anytime to borrow one. Some of the veterans have taken a liking to a specific wolf, though, and might react negatively to anybody borrowing their "favorite".

The riders are heavy infantry assigned to this troop for their fighting skills and ability to handle the wolves. They are trained to ride and fight with the wolf so that they can fight as cavalry. If a rider has difficulties taming his wolf, and a leader notices it, the soldier will most likely lose his position and return to the heavy infantry; thus, all wolf riders are good at handling animals. These troops allow both genders to join, but females tend to lead and males tend to form the bulk of the force.

The Dire Wolves rarely wear any armor themselves, trusting instead in their thick fur and speed. As for the riders, they wear a flexible plate armor with golem enhancements. The most common ones are the hidden forearm blades and an unfolding shield. They favor big weapons which can crush or cripple the armor of an enemy. These weapons may be slow, but the speed of the wolf gives the riders the chance to protect themselves. The most common tactic for the wolf riders against an enemy with superior numbers is to surround the target before attacking in circles, picking off the enemies in hit-and-run attacks until a smaller core remains. Once they have killed enough enemies so their opponents are equal in number, each rider takes an enemy on their own, the wolf tackling it while the rider strikes the lethal blow.

Roleplay Recommendations

Consider these warriors cavalry with a past in the heavy infantry. Each one has their own tale as a mercenary or guard, ultimately coming to serve the Mercenary Queen, Quain'tana. They usually have a lot of real battle experience. It is not rare that one of them is related, by blood, to many others among the troops as mercenary groups can sometimes join the clan as a whole. The riders must always have some animal handling skill, be it voluntary or not.