Troops:Vloz'ress Berserkers

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Ver'Drowendar, Ver'aku, Ver'akar, Waelinider


Middle - They serve the Nether Summoners.


Bladed gauntles and any blunt, heavy object they can grab.


Metal armor on limbs, but rarely on torso; their armor is meant to crush their enemies more than to defend their bodies.

Fighting Style

Close Range - No tactics but to kill, bash, maim and repeat.

Mana Mastery


Special Attributes

Heavily Tainted - The sensation of pain is weakened, completed demonic possession can be triggered at any time, and deformities may exist due to demonic activity in the body.



Berserkers are the Death Squad of the Vloz'ress Clan. Each of them have nothing to lose and have undergone heavy taining, willingly or not. Due to this, they have incredibly short life spans; anywhere from under a year to a few years can be expected. On the other hand, they have been provided the strength to do what they are designed for: Charge the enemy; hack, slash and crush, then repeat until all enemies are dead. In essence, they represent melee battle at its most extreme. They are best at fighting alone in battle and come in all sizes and genders. Many of them are even Vel'akar - sentient demons - willing to fight for the Vloz'ress.

The Berserker who falls to their demonic seed is kept alive; chained, trained and controlled, to be used in battles again, more fierce than ever.

Roleplay Recommendations

No ordinary person would become a Berserker, as becoming one means impending death one way or another. It also means that they must give up their own bodies to a creature of the Netherworld. So, only a few, those who have lost everything or who have a death wish, would want to join them. Being a trained warrior or not doesn't matter; the only requirement is an inner rage against everything.