Troops:Vloz'ress Corrupted

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Drowolath, Drowussu, Ver'Drowendar




Any weapon they can find, or just their bare arms and tail.


Any, might even wear no clothes.

Fighting Style

Close, unorganized, confused. Unpredictable.

Mana Mastery


Special Attributes

Symbiotic snake attached to their body. Brain numb due to neurotic drugs.



Enemies of the clan or unlucky passersby who fell victim to the symbiotic mutated giant snakes of the Vloz'ress, these creatures - able to breed - were created to devour a person once they had reached adulthood. In the process of consuming a person they stop half-way, biting down into the victim's flesh with its fangs. Over time, its mouth seals with the skin of its symbiote, making the two separate beings into one artificial, naga-like creature. The venom of the snake is a powerful neurotoxin which makes the victim's brain numb, docile and easy to train. Over time, the snake and the person become one, trained to obey the Vloz'ress clan members like a pet; a pet which can hold weapons and kill. The Corrupted rarely remember even their names, and are clumsy and easily confused. This does not help them in becoming great warriors, but their main use is not direct fighting, but psychological warfare by using them against the clan they came from, making them fight against their former kin. Additionally, they are also useful to protect specific areas of the fortress which are too precious to be guarded by the quick-to-betray mercenaries.

They will pick up anything to fight if in danger or needing to kill, be it a sword or even just a helmet to bash with. They may bite but they lack the fangs to actually kill, though their tail holds tremendous strength. Seeing as they have poor memory and intelligence, they can often forget to put on their armor and clothes, making them an easy target. If the either the victim or snake dies, its symbiote soon follows.

Roleplay Recommendations

Don't treat the Corrupted like people, treat them like animals; dumb and docile servants of the Vloz'ress. It is possible that a Corrupted could get freed from its snake flesh, but it would be a painful process involving cutting through it with a blade. Since the corrupted feel everything the snake feels, it would be like cutting the person's legs off. The victim might also die from blood loss even if a way to stop the pain and cut precisely is found. Even worse, after a while it is very likely that the brain will be unable to recover from the neurotic venom.