Troops:Vloz'ress Scourges

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Drowolath, Xuile'solen, Ver'Drowendar, Vel'Akar


Middle - They serve the Nether Summoners.


Any light weapons.


Light armor, such as leather or thick silk.

Fighting Style

Stealthy and quick.

Mana Mastery


Special Attributes




The Scourges represent the main forces under the command of Sene'kha Vloz'ress. They are those who came to the clan on a quest for power and knowledge. Knowledge of demonology and the Netherworlds. They are adepts who are used as minions by the Nether Summoners and leaders of the clan; those who survive are given what they want. Coming from all ranks of society, all genders and from many races, they are people whom are willing to make any sacrifices to accomplish what they want.

Being people who want ot develop their knowledge and skill in using mana, they rarely put as much devotion in to martial skill. Because of this, they usually come with light armor, light weapons, trickery and lies; a quick kill is what they do best. All Scourges wear the mask of the Vloz'ress adepts, customized by the wearer as they see fit. The Scourges possess a wide variety of powers, as they can be from any clan; expect the unexpected with them.

Roleplay Recommendations

Tortured souls thirsty for demonic powers, betraying their clans or family to go work for the Vloz'ress summoners who seek to destroy all clans? To say the least, they've got issues. Just like the Berserkers, they are usually not welcome within mainstream Drow society. While they live longer, they are bound to go insane or turn into a demon sooner or later, unless they leave quickly after gaining what they need. Considering how young the clan is, rare are those who've had that chance.