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Drowolath, Xuile'solen, Ver'Drowendar, Vel'Akar


Middle to High - They serve the Nether Summoners.


Any; usually go for heavy hack-and-slash weapons.


Heavy - Full plate, decorated, sealing armor.

Fighting Style

Aggressive Close Range - Offense is the best defense.

Mana Mastery

Basic Nether Summoning, sealing, and mana control.

Special Attributes

Religious fanatacism and aura sealing.



Soul Seekers are the mercenaries who adopt the Vloz'ress views and serve the clan out of devotion instead of money. This makes them the most trusted servants of the Nether Summoners, who use them to seek auras and mana - or Souls, from their point of view. Trained in specific arts, they are the dark opposite of the Kyorl'solenurn Templar. Their task is to kill and extract the aura of the victim before it fades away, their gruesome job making them the most merciless of the clan. Unlike most other members of the clan, they are loyal and thus can be used to punish anybody who betrays the clan. They are given the best equipment, as they are the glue which keeps the forces together. They are very commonly used as mates for the Summoners, as well, so the favorites among them are usually male.

To see a corpse sliced up into chunks on purpose is a good sign a Soul Seeker has passed by; the need to cut within the body of an enemy is what makes them choose sharp weapons over blunt or ranged ones.

Roleplay Recommendations

One does not become a Soul Seeker easily. First, they all start as simple mercenaries, out of luck and needing money to survive, and then being recruited by the worst employer: the Vloz'ress. Doing their job, they discover a gruesom purpose to their life; psychopaths, all, they find that they enjoy killing and subsequently adopt the philosophy of the clan. This cannot be faked, so those attempting to spy within the Vloz'ress ranks by becoming one are bound to receive a few surprises. Additionally, religion is always a strong point with the Soul Seekers, so they need to respect - if not worship - the Netherworld's powerful beings.