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While we're forging new ground, using Talk pages to leave quick notes for each other is another wiki function we haven't tapped into yet.

In related news, that {{Chapter}} template you thought was useless was actually used in the Last Update footer. I came back to find that every page with a footer had a Chapter infobox hanging out at the bottom (and was also added to Category:Moonless Age Chapters). I made a new template to replace the old one, and all is well again. You're welcome. :)

- Jak

I changed the feature template (the one we use on the What's New page) to link any author name that's provided to the relevant user page. I always get worried that I forgot something when I mess with templates, so if you see anything weird about it let me know, haha.

Jak'iaah 18:12, 21 April 2013 (EDT)