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RE: Navboxes

Embair rigged the "faction" argument of the character template to automatically display the navbox for whatever faction is supplied (if available). Any character posted as a Val'Sarghress (like Ariel) will automatically have the Val'Sargress navbox added to their page.

Some characters need navboxes outside of their faction though, like Shala. She is a Val'Sharen, but there is no "Val'Sharen" navbox. Thus, the Vel'Sharen and Val'Sarghress navboxes were manually added. :)

Does that answer your question? I'm making a note to add this into the eventual contributor's guide overhaul I've been very (very) slowly working on. :)

-- Jak

(Pfft... sorry about editing your user page instead of your talk page, haha. I was really sleep-deprived when I responded to that. -J)