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Note: At this time, very little is known about the Beldrobbaen and the land they inhabit, so large majority of the following information can be found in two podcasts, "Beldrobbaen Houses" [1] and "A Short History" [2], as well as within the Moonless Age comic. Information is subject to change as new updates on the clan appear in Moonless Age.

The Beldrobbaen have never taken vassal clans into the fold, so every inhabitant is a Val and therefore is related to one another by blood. The result was the formation of a myriad of smaller Houses, some ranging from extremely traditional to progressive to even participating in the current counter-culture movement lead by the Beldrobbaen youth.

Though there are numerous claims to the Beldrobbaen blood, not all of them are friendly with one another. An easy way to cause devastating harm to the Beldrobbaen would be to sew dissent into the many small houses, and destroy them from within. As it stand now, Ill'haress Waes'soloth is the only thing keeping the entire clan together, but there are several voices within the houses that do not agree with her methods of running the clan. They see her as being the cause of the clan's losses, and each believe they can lead the clan back on a path to glory.

Because of the numbers slowly bleeding out of the clan, many houses have been put into dire situations that risk endangering the existence of that house. One particular house fell into trouble when their last female died out, and one male made the decision to pay for taboo Jaal'darya life sorcery and switch genders, all in the name of continuing that house. Naturally, relations with the traditionally-minded houses soured, but the male-to-female gave the family a fighting chance for survival, and each member is extremely protective of her for fear of assassinations from enemy houses--of which the Beldrobbaen clan is known for being very good at.

The clan keeps an extensive record of their entire history in their library, where a large family tree exists that tells the tale of the existence of every single house within the clan, living and extinguished--the tree serves as a constant reminder of how far the Beldrobbaen have fallen from greatness and glory in the early days of Chel's history. A scholarly house of all males maintains this library, who record remarkably unbiased annals of many events that occurred in Chel'el'Sussoloth; these accounts are most likely the only source of bipartisan information available, and the clan makes use of any information gathered to their advantage. Spying and brokering valuable information is not an uncommon practice for the Beldrobbaen.

One house with a number of drider knights has deemed it necessary to find the culprits responsible for the deaths of so many young Beldrobbaen girls in Orthorbbae because of a teacher releasing her demon seed. They actively hunt to dole out justice outside of the clan's holdings.

A Dev'ess went mad from grief after her only surviving daughter was counted among those that fell to the demon in Orthorbbae. It is likely that this dev'ess had suffered many stillbirths in an effort to have a healthy girl to continue her line. It is possible that Ness'per [3] is this mad Dev'ess, and Wor'beel is the lost daughter.

There is even a house that has a large presence of flesh golems, of which one particular female is responsible for maintaining flesh golems made from dead family members.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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