Vala Hudr

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Vala Hudr
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Vala Hudr
Race: Vanir
Current Status
Vala of Vaaheimr
  • Prescience

Hudr of House Trehar is the Vala--a kind of queen--of Vanaheimr and a seer, though she has no political power on her own without a king.

Appearance and Personality

Hudr bears a stern, organized look that reflects the inherent nature of light elves--one of rigid, order and rank. Her white blonde hair is swept back and braided at the ends--crowned with an impressive fur hat--and Hudr is covered from the neck down in a brown and while dress adorned in colorful leaf motifs. Without a Chancellor, the Vala has no power on her own. However, she is Kveyka's premier seer, a role that gives her some measure of authority as she is consulted on by servants of the elven court for her visions.


Hudr is a Vala, a title that amounts to the rank of "queen" in dark elven terms, but her Chancellor ("king") died and she has since ruled in his name. When Freyr van Niroenir seeks her attention on Chirinide's request to see her, Hudr is being consulted on the news of the drowussu children's' arrival by her court advisers. Mysteriously, she cannot peer into her visions--something or someone is interfering with them.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 40.