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Vierynda'diira Mae'yukir Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                             44   47            

Vierynda'diira Mae'yukir Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Vierynda'diira Mae'yukir Sarghress
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Current Status
Sarghress Assault
  • Blood affinity
  • Sealing

A Val'Sarghress soldier of the Assault division.

Appearance and Personality

Vierynda'diira is a lean Drowussu with tainted eyes and short white hair pulled into a tight bun. She wears blue and red clothes in addition to her armor, as has prosthetic eartips covering an earlier injury. She is somewhat aloof and emotionally distant, owing to the horrors of the war and loss of her squad.


District War

During the Sarghress assault on the Council Dome, Vierynda’diira’s squad died after being led into an ambush by an enemy sniper. After euthanising her injured wolf, Jak’iaah’s squad encountered her. She warns them of the enemy sniper. Jak invites her to join her squad which she accepts. Vierynda’diira tells them of a gate which was carved into an unlucky child. She closes the gate by using her blood affinity to pull the mana stone out of the child.

Demon God Incident

She is next seen at a Sarghress bar, during the Sharen/Sarghress negotiations. She exchanges war stories with her fellow soldiers, describing her experience before the Council Dome.

During the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai, she is presumably among the many overtaken, but is unharmed when the control is broken. She immediately responds to Quain'tana's signal flare to attack, escorting the first group of sealers to engage the Demon God in combat.

Notable Quotes

"You’ve done everything you could, big boy, you saved me. It’s all right, you can go now. Rest..." -While euthanizing her injured wolf.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 47.