Vual'raisa Jaal'darya

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Appeared in chapters                                             44        52  54   

Vual'raisa Jaal'darya
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Vual'raisa Jaal'darya
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Exastiken
Current Status
Jaal’darya Engineer
  • Engineering
  • Falls asleep hard on random occasions

Vual’raisa is a Val'Jaal'darya engineer.

Appearance and Personality

Vual’raisa is an engineer dealing with altering marine life, and wears an assortment of similarly-themed clothing, including a shark hood and octopus gloves. Her body has been altered to resemble a sea creature with razor sharp teeth. She loves strange and unusual golem work.

Biography - Arc II

Travelling to Felde

Vual'raisa and her companions were on their way to Felde when the Vloz'ress summon drew their curiosity enough for them to get closer. After the introductions, she explains that she's going to Felde for knowledge and to see the manatech in Felde. They lead the group on the summon to Felde after it turns out they were going in the wrong direction.

Felde peace conference

Erel, Visapa, Vual'raisa and Fia'nova were together as Snadhya'rune makes her speech. When Shodun Val'Illhar'dro gave the command, she kneeled.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Knowledge! The best in manatech will be there." - Her reason for attending the Felde gathering.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 44.