Wa'sila Sarghress

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Wa'sila Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Wa'sila Sarghress
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Current Status
Surface Colonist

  • Former Legionnaire

Wa'sila is a Xuile'solen colonist and a former Sarghress legionnaire.

Appearance & Personality

Wa'sila is a female Xuile'solen. She wears her white hair long, with a frontal decorative braid. Despite her condition, she is quite cheerful and harbors a love of ferals. Prejudice against her race has worn on her to some degree, however, and was the direct cause of her leaving the legion. She wears simple grey and black clothing.


Wa'sila is among the colonist defenders pushing back the Hermionne army, when Machike is besieged[1]. Along with Nergui, the pair hold of Hermionne attackers as Chigusa Vel'Sharen's dragon pushes the massive enemy-held cannon away from goblin hands.

Notable Quotes

" "[2]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 52.


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