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Wafay Val'Jaal'darya

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Appeared in chapters                                    35 36         45*   48           

Wafay Val'Jaal'darya
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Wafay Val'Jaal'darya
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Suntiger
Current Status
Working with the Val'Beldrobbaen
  • Traditional Summoning

Wafay is a small child who seeks the help of the Val'Sarghress to remove the Nidraa'chal presence from her clan.

Appearance and Personality

Wafay Val'Jaal'darya is a young female who is eager to ask questions about the world around her, though she often bases her reasoning on the teachings on her clan. She is not afraid to tell the truth right away, nor is she afraid to walk right into the middle of a battlefield if that is the direction Wafay needs to go. She is afraid of the possibility of Nidraa'chal activity happening in her clan and is willing to seek help from outside sources to deal with it.

Wafay wears cream garb that covers her entire body from head to toe, along with a veil that is worn when males are present. Her hood bears a resemblance to cat ears that appear to move on their own, and the cat-like appearance extends to Wafay's amber eyes that turn into slits when she is excited or angry. She wears dark orange hair in a loose ponytail tied with a white cloth.


Her travels begin on the river leading away from her home with her biogolem Sata, where Wafay heads for the city proper despite warnings from the Jaal'darya's aquatic biogolem guardians. She views the state of Chel'el'sussoloth while traveling on Sata's shoulder: a woman who cannot afford to feed her baby, Vel'Sharen recruiters advertising their surface colony, Sarghress supporters fighting Siyah'khorshed troops in a bloody skirmish, and even witnesses the Sarghress army's assault on the Vel'Sharen fortress. From Gladiator Hill district, Wafay hails a passing contingent and asks to be escorted to the Sarghress fortress.

It's at the Sarghress fortress on the far side of Chel that she requests to see a Val present; the only one still at home base is Ariel Val'Sarghress. At first Ariel is confused as to why a Jaal'darya came to see her and asks if Wafay is here to deliver a medicine Quain'tana had been requesting from the clan (and Wafay stealthily hides a small bag on her wrist).

Wafay then reveals the purpose of her travel: her mother Femi had been experimenting on deadly surface plants, and the young Jaal'darya believes Femi is a member of the hated Nidraa'chal organization. Both Faen and Ariel don't believe her, but Faen is willing to listen, recalling Diva's tale about the Flower Queen's demise by similar flowers. Thinking she has to pay for their services, the Jaal'darya child shows the two her ability to conjure a traditional summon from the earth, which holds a box of more ada than the Val girls could count.

Ariel agrees to at least give Wafay a chance, and takes her to see Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress, the commander of the Sarghress Homeguard. After some empathetic convincing via Faen, Suu'be allows Wafay to take a handful of Sarghress volunteers to investigate her situation.

The sarghress team, consisting of Vayas'arn, Sabryne, Filf'rae, Briz'dra, and their leader Erelice Sarghress, arrive unwelcome and under suspicion by the Jaal'darya leadership, and this feeling is intensified when the team escapes capture to follow Wafay's golem. During the expedition into Femi's lab, the Sarghress team discovers Femi's work; Wafay's fear of her mother's involvement with the flower plague plans rang true, and the team makes the decision to steal evidence to present to the Sarghress leadership.

Wafay is later seen aiding the Jaal'darya healers in the Val'Beldrobbaen fortress, after the request for cure of Femi's virus is sent.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.