Warwick Bertrand Nal'sarkoth

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Appeared in chapters                                                     52      

Warwick Bertrand Nal'sarkoth
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Warwick Bertrand Nal'sarkoth
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Dice Warwick
Current Status
Nal'sarkoth Mercenary
  • Former member of a defunct caravan clan.
  • Uncomfortable around tainted.

Warwick is a mercenary that has adopted herself into the Nal'sarkoth clan.

Appearance & Personality

Warwick is a tall and lean female drowolath with gold eyes. She leaves her hair its natural colour and styles it into a loose bun. She is rather poorly socialized and does not handle groups of people very well. However, she is is dedicated to her jobs, and is known to be reliable and loyal. Off-duty and in private, she is more relaxed and talkative, with a habit of drinking moderately heavily.

Warwick is rebuked by her charge for only narrowly saving her life.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Alliance Convoy Ambushed

Warwick first appears providing an escort to the Lady Viri'sylvia as the latter travels within an Alliance convoy to Felde.[2] As with most of the convoy, she is caught off-guard by a sudden Mimaneid ambush. As one of the Kavahini warriors descends and slits the throat of a Beldrobbaen dignitary riding atop the same mount as Viri'sylvia, Warwick calls out for her lady to dive for cover from the aerial attack. Her own counterattack narrowly misses the airborne warrior,[3] forcing the fighter to ascend to safety as the guardian of the slain Beldrobbaen also attacks in an attempt to avenge her charge. After the commander of the convoy drives the ambush back with an onslaught of nether summons, Warwick is sternly scolded by her diminutive master for a perceived failure to properly protect her from the sudden attack.

Notable Quotes

"Lady Viri, jump!"[4] - Calling out for her charge to dive for cover during the Kavahini ambush.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 52.


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