Well of Light

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Appeared in chapters                                            43              

Well of Light

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The Well of Light is enormous earthen shaft leading to the surface, carved into the rock near the First Landing gate as part of the failed Skyhole Project.


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Not a naturally-occurring rock formation, the Well of Light was intentionally crafted towards the end of the tenth century of the Moonless Age. While intended to allow the construction of an ambitious engineering project providing swift access to the surface, the designers failed to account for surface weather, resulting in a massive mudslide demolishing the site of construction. As a result, the Well of Light is largely an open hole in the ground, with the base a damp and mudding collection of half-buried buildings and debris.


The Well of Light is currently part of the territorial claims of the Val'Sarghress, though it currently has nominal value and is poorly suited to habitation.[1]

This article reflects events up to Chapter 43.


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