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Xenon Totolo Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

Xenon Totolo Vloz'ress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Xenon Totolo Vloz'ress
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Xenon
Current Status
Nyo'ka's Scourge

Xenon is one of Nyo'ka's most cheerful scourges.

Appearance & Personality

Xenon is a tall and wiry female drowolath with pale blue eyes. She has pale blonde hair tied into multiple intricate looping braids. She wears a simple tunic of a plain style common among the Vloz'ress, but adorns it with a prominent rainbow-patterned scarf. Though largely unequipped for combat, she carries a broad-bladed sickle for personal defense.

She is - outwardly - extremely cheerful and energetic, with a constant eerie smile that others find disconcerting. This manic edge belies deep mental trauma suffered when her former home city was sacked by marauding Black Sun. She is often accompanied by her mate and fellow scourge, Poncho, with whom she has playfully domineering relationship.

Xenon is among the many controlled by Kharla'ggen.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Xenon first appeared in the company of Poncho, as Kiel and her companions returned aboard the Turtle Summon from the disastrous gathering in Felde. The pair had the unfortunate privilege of being the first to greet a famished Kharla'ggen, with Xenon promptly offering Poncho up as a sacrificial meal.[2] Fortunately for Poncho, Kharla ignored the pair and moved on. However, Xenon's joking insistence that Poncho was now steak drew the immediate attention of an ever-hungry Kuso.[3]

She was later seen attending Baliir's largely unsuccessful effort to hold a democratic rally amongst the Vloz'ress. Though Baliir made a fair attempt, the gathering quickly fell into disorder as the inherent disorganization and generally-low levels of sanity amongst the Vloz'ress came to the fore. Xenon did little to help counter such chaos, loudly proposing that this new government make everyone happy, to which Baliir incredulously noted that such happiness could not be enforced. As Xenon responded with a dejected sigh, Poncho bluntly insisted he told her as much.

Puppeteer Incident

As with most of the drow in the area, Xenon was soon caught up in what would later known as the Puppeteer Incident, orchestrated by the rogue summoner Ni'bai. Having forced Kharla'ggen to absorb the Demon God, Ni'bai had her take control of the majority of the drow within the nearby districts in an attempt on the life of the various clean leaders.[4] Xenon was among the controlled Vloz'ress who were used as living shields in an attempt to bar entry to the fortress, forcing Kiel'ndia to take an alternate route to confront Ni'bai.

Though Kharla'ggen's death released her thralls from her control, the Vloz'ress had effectively been destroyed as a great clan, forcing the survivors to scatter to whatever refuge they could find.[5] It is unknown if Xenon and her mate survived the fall of the fortress and its aftermath.

Notable Quotes

"Can we make it so everyone is happy? Like super happy. No more stabby-stab. Just happy, grinning motherkillers."[6] - Offering a less-than-realistic suggestion at Baliir's political rally.

Character Concept

More Information

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Xenon was a player character in Path to Power. More information can be found in the Path to Power wiki.

In addition, the cameo's sponsor has a DeviantArt account with a wide array of fanart of their character, which can be viewed here.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 47.


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