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Xharidil'uit Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                          41        49 50  52       

Xharidil'uit Vel'Sharen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Xharidil'uit Vel'Sharen
Sponsored by: GEM76
Current Status
Nether Summoner
  • Nether Summoning
  • Likes to corrupt men
  • Jealous of women with larger breasts
  • Drunk with poor choice of lovers

A Vel of Sarv'swati's lineage aiding the Beldrobbaen front.

Appearance and Personality

Xharidil'uit is a tall and lithe drowolath with raven hair and red highlights. She wears her hear into a exceptionally long pair of twin-tails. She wears revealing green clothes as well as a green cloak. Her hair is a dark colour with some red and tied into long twin ponytails. She is ambitious and manipulative, but also overconfident. She has a playfully malicious side to her personality, cheerfully encouraging vice in herself and others.


She was present when Kiel has the turtle golem driven to the Beldrobbaen lines, where she is seen dealing with some captured Sarghress prisoners. Later, she is among those attempting to hold off another Sarghress attack, alongside Beldrobbaen forces.

Nidraa'chal Meeting

Shortly after the events of the Puppeteer Incident, she is seen giving Snadhya'rune a briefing on the current status of Chel, alongside Nehleanee. In particular, Xharidil'uit notes the shortage of food and lack of policing amongst the clans as likely to lead to widespread looting. As a servant enters bringing bread, Nehleanee hungrily devours it, much to Xharidil'uit's amusement.

Notable Quotes

"It is an incredible weapon. I hope you give me the honor of riding it someday." -To Snadhya'rune, regarding the airship.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.