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((Xyrrai'zestu is the subhouse of FFRPG character contest co-winner Thalar, whose brain was extensively searched for the below information.))

The Sharen subhouse Xyrrai'zestu was founded not long after the birth of Chel'el'Sussoloth by a woman whose name has been forgotten by all but the oldest history books. Jelial Xyrrai'zestu was a noble and dignified woman, devoted to the clan and its Ilharess, but she also harbored an incredible arrogance, which would lead to the House's inevitable decline. In her grandeur, she ordered the commission of a building separate from the main tower of the Sharen, a place where the Xyrrai'zestu would live by themselves. She got her will, but failed to see how the distance to the place where policy was made would affect her and her House.

Ever since the hubris of Jelial resulted in the deaths of her, her daughters, and many of the House’s mana specialists, the name Xyrrai’zestu has been synonymous with the word “meatshield”; the vast majority of its members were warriors with little talent for mana. Loyal traditionalists, the image of the stuffy Xyrrai’zestu soldier out of touch with recent events and younger generations continued for centuries until a woman called Tal’xuess came to power.

Tal’xuess worked hard over the past couple hundred years to erase the general opinion of her House with a plan to strictly control the breeding of her family to produce more proficient mana-users. For a while it appeared to be working, the House grew steadily until the Nidraa'chal emerged, bringing strife and conflict. Tal'xuess herself was killed several decades before the conflict broke out into a full-on war. Oiloss'lin, Tal'xuess' heir, expanded on her mother's policies and proved herself a worthy successor, eventually leading the House's forces into war as advance escort to Zala'ess' bloodline.

The war was devastating for the House, most of those who did not die in the fighting became tainted, and Oiloss'lin finally ordered a retreat. Their role in the war was over.

General information

The subhouse is not affiliated with any of the five sisters' bloodlines directly.

Approximate standing


Estimated size


Notable features

  • The Xyrrai'zestu have always set loyalty high, loyalty to Queen, clan and De'vess. This has not changed.
  • Most of the subhouse members were forcefully tainted during the Nidraa'chal war.
  • The higher ranking members have offices in the Sharen tower, but their apartments are in the Xyrrai'zestu building, down in the courtyard. The building looks faded and used on the outside, and is an austere dark-marble maze on the inside. Many sections of the building are closed off, some are trapped.



  • Tialu'tel Xyrrai'zestu Sharen - First daughter of Oiloss'lin