Zair'cysparvin Sinin Sarghress

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Zair'cysparvin Sinin Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Zair'cysparvin Sinin Sarghress
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Current Status
Machike Defender
  • Earth foci use
  • Often mistaken for a girl

Appearance & Personality

Zair is feminine looking. He has light coloured hair and a single red streak and a couple of hair decorations. He finds life very comical.


Zair is a member of the Brawlers squad sent to infiltrate and capture a Vel'Sharen building. After their success, he is seen hanging out with the other soldiers where during Ariel's outburst at the dishonourable actions of her fellow soldiers, he took Ariel's side. After the explosion set of by Malag'nafein, he was captured alongside his comrades. He and the other prisoners managed to successfully took out the Slaver's district from the inside after Ariel manages to free them. After the battle, Jak'iaah Sarghress brought Zair with her for the next duty.

Assaulting the Council Dome

He was reassigned with Durlyn to help conquer the Council Dome under Jak’iaah. They encounter Vierynda'diira who joins their squad after telling them the rest of her squad is dead. Vierynda'diira shows them a nether gate that was carved into a poor child. He pulls Durlyn to safety after he got hit by a sniper. He and Jak managed to storm the Council Dome alongside other soldiers where his squad leader tries calling out for Sarv'swati only to be met with no answer.

Biography - Arc III

Zair fights alongside Ariel, Bal'diira and Durlyn to save Kau and Slyand'iss from Hermionne invaders, during the defense of Machike'Shikumo.[1]

Notable Quotes

"You're speaking to a Val'Sarghress! Have some respect!" -in reponse to Tur'geis Am'saag Sarghress's challenge to Ariel

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 52.


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