Adira Vlos'tah

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Adira Vlos'tah
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Adira Vlos'tah
Sponsored by: Adira
Current Status
Commander - Felde Garrison

Adira is a mana-specialist serving as the commander of Snadhya'rune's Felde garrison.

Appearance & Personality

Adira is a buxom female drowolath with merged tainted eyes. She wears her hair in an exceptionally long ponytail, with several prominent bangs. She dresses in an ornate maroon and white outfit with thigh-high boots, evening gloves, and a short cape. Though it cannot fool those with a trained aura sense, she has taken to wearing green contacts matching her original eye colour in attempt to hide her tainted status from a cursory inspection.

She is a haughty and untrusting individual, with an especially intense dislike of being touched. Though she restrains it with a sense of focused pragmatism, she has a cruelly sadistic nature, taking great pleasure in inflicting pain and misery on those who give her both cause and opportunity to do so. On such occasions where she is granted both, her natural affinity and fondness for fire sorcery is gleefully unleashed.

Biography- Arc III

Adira first appeared as Ariel's wolf-pack launched their assault on Snadhya'rune's tower in Felde. As a signal flare launched by allies of Kel'noz was sighted by members of the garrison, a runner alerted her as she conversed with Shodun.[1]

Notable Quotes

" "[2]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.


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