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| section = Moonless Age Cameo
| section = Moonless Age Cameo
| faction = Val'Kyorl'solenurn
| faction = Val'Kyorl'solenurn
| status = Ill'haress
| status = Holy Mother
| race = Drowussu
| race = Drowussu
| sponsor = Lunareth
| sponsor = Lunareth

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Appeared in chapters                                                  49          

Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Lunareth
Current Status
Holy Mother

  • Has an "educative" book collection

Anahid was taught by Lioshi at the Order of Serenity outputs to lead the clan back to the right path.

Appearance and Personality

Anahid has pale coloured hair and eyes and wears white-coloured clothes befitting of an Ill'haress of the Kyorl'Solenurn clan. She has a kind and forgiving personality, to the point of forgiving Ari'nara of harbouring heretical thoughts and passing information to the Sarghress and showing mercy on Lilli'thnee who had appeared before her tainted. Anahid is however capable of being firmer such as when she revealed Tab'irrie's crimes, forcing him to take back his criticisms.


Notable Quotes

"I am to guide our people back to the path." Meeting Chiri'nide.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter **.