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Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                  49          

Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Lunareth
Current Status
Holy Mother
  • Empathy-based high sorcery
  • Has an "educative" book collection

The 12th elected Ill'haress of the clan, Anahid was taught by Lioshi at the Order of Serenity outputs to lead the clan back to the right path.

Appearance and Personality

Anahid has pale lavender hair and eyes and wears white-coloured clothes befitting of an Ill'haress of the Kyorl'Solenurn clan. She has a kind and forgiving personality, often reaching out to those who would be considered heretics, and the tainted. However, this personality can sometimes be a weakness when faced with the harsh reality of life in the Underworld. Her high sorcery involves discerning a fae's true intentions, which Anahid calls their "sins".

Biography - Arc II

At the end of The District War, Chirinide is sent a message from the Order of Serenity, announcing the arrival of the new Holy Mother--backdated to about five days prior--with instructions to meet her at the eastern Val'Nal'sarkoth gate[1]. Upon arrival, she and Shan'naal are attacked by Raveena, an attendant of the new Holy Mother who is suspicious of their intentions. The two are led outside the gates into a crystal tunnel, where Anahid and another attendant named Eve awaited[2] with an extremely overweight dawmere named Cinnamon.

Introduction to Kyorl Society

Despite being from the Order of Serenity, Chirinide noted that neither girl had a forehead tattoo, only Raveena. Anahid meanwhile expresses how handsome Shan was, and that she could see why the Vanaheimr princess liked him so much, then goes on to talk about how her attendant is the best cook in the Overworld. Chiri interrupted by wondering if Anahid were just a trainee waiting to replace Shimi'lande, but Anahid was meant to be much more: the one who would guide the Drowussu back to the Path[3]--which Chiri points out is the definition of a Holy Mother. Whatever the case may be, Chiri puts hr faith in the replacement, and informs Raveena that Anahid must be safeguarded against attempts to quietly remove her.

When they reach the Kyorl lands, Ari'nara offers the group safe shelter, while expressing her distress over her sister's exile and trading of Clan information to potential enemies--Anahid assures her that it was the right thing to do regardless of the outcome. Kyo'ovarde and several from the Order of the Twin Eyes creates confrontation--only stopped by Chirinide's swift action--and urges the Holy Mother to follow them to a designated place to meet with Judicator Kousei[4]. When it was revealed that many of their order were captured, Kyo'varde warns them not to trust anyone, while bearing her scarred Seer's tattoo and noticing that Kousei was absent. Kyo'varde left to search for her missing leader--not before Anahid comment on her true nature, much to the hardened warden's surprise.

The Clan's True Colors

On the way back to their safehouse, Anahid falls faint, and soon Raveena is disabled and killed by a powerful empath attack that Chirinide recognizes as similar to being hit by Yuh'le's high sorcery. Both her attendant and dawmere fall, and Chiri alone saved her charge by dragging Anahid over a cliff. Anahid fell into despair upon seeing her friends fall and seeing how harsh Chel'el'Sussoloth could be[5], but she is resolved to stay and fix the core of what is wrong with the clan regardless of the dangers. Her people begin the process of putting up flyers announcing Anahid's arrival and message.

Despite the wanted posters also being distributed, Anahid went to meet with citizens that wanted to hear her message[6]. Hearing the words of many templars, wardens and other warriors who bear the burden of killing civilians, Anahid tells the people that they can grow stronger through shouldering each others' burdens and sins. Only those who gave the order have truly sinned, and that the drowussu have suffered long enough. Even when a tainted warden rushes at her in order to be killed, Anahid declares that being tainted does not damn a person, and that it is not a sin to the surprise of many onlookers[7]. She rebuked those who stand against her idea, pointing out Tab'irrie's own mistakes in leading to Shimi'land's message never being heard, and Eclavdiira'olin's jealousy in Chirinide.

Regardless of what happened, Anahid declared that she would not run and would welcome all drowssu from all paths.

Induction to the Seat of Holy Mother

The First Daughter sees Anahid's abilities first-hand.

Anahid gathered many of her faithful to sing protests outside the gates of Valla'drielle's home[8], assisted by Snadhya'rune's Nidraa'chal agents. They all called for Valla to abdicate in favor of the true Holy Mother, and soon their wish is granted. At the ceremony, Chiri comments on how Anahid had become so much like a true leader, even going so far as to pardon the Val'Dutan'vir rebels[9]. She also tried to convince Kyo'varde to stay, but as unsuccessful and left with a warning that not every person could be saved[10], and was reflected with Anahid's meeting with Snadhya'rune after being named leader. Despite attempts to get the First Daughter to recognize her sins, Anahid is cowed by Snadhya's warning that her rise to power was no coincidence--having sent many of her agents to aid both Anahid and Valla'drielle[11].

After the District War

Anahid sends Merril'lin as her representative to the Clan negotiations, to decide the fate of Chel. Merril'lin expresses that Anahid believes that the Sarghress are but stewards until a strong leader comes to bring peace back to the city, and tha Zala'ess' proposal to bring back teaching the Path into schools would sit well with the new Holy Mother[12].

Notable Quotes

"I am to guide our people back to the path." Meeting Chiri'nide for the first time.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.


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