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Antalya Sarghress

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Antalya, a member of the Fallen Legion

Now deceased, Ant'alya Sarghress was a partisan in the Fallen Legion, a unit in her clan dedicated to espionage and assassination.

The Fallen Legion is one of the Sarghress clan's elite units, whose seniority is additionally emphasized by the fact that it was originally formed under the direct command of the Ilharess' former heir, Laele'aell Val'Sarghress, although how Ant'alya secured her place in it is unknown.

Her last assignment was to achieve the fallen Kyorl templar, Tir'ade's defection to the Val'Sarghress clan and yet despite days of cajoling and furnishing Tir'ade with supplies, the only thing that she managed to inspire in him was the creeping anxiety that he couldn't indefinitely live off of charity; a mission which ultimately resulted in her death at the hands of Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen and her undead golem, Yaeminira. Ant'alya also died in a manner unbecoming of a Fallen Legionnaire - they are adept at observation and concealment, and trained to fend off and extricate themselves from entire groups of assailants, yet she was assaulted in the open with no motivation given.

In many ways Ant'alya was an uncommon example of a Fallen Legionnaire. They are generally seen as a guarded group, with taciturn demeanors and solitary tendencies necessary in their line of work in and being familiar with overlaying masks of disguise. Contrastedly, Ant'alya displayed a markedly more outgoing and extroverted character, whether this was just a disguise in and of itself is unknonw. Like all Sarghress, however, she still possessed the same animosty towards her Sharen opponents - when instructed by her assailant to "have respect for your betters", Ant'alya's response was to snarl "I will, when I meet one!".

Ironically, Ant'alya did succeed in bringing Tir'ade to the Val'Sarghress; on encountering her body he felt obliged to deliver her to their fortress, though it's doubtful this small accomplishment provides her with any comfort.

Ant'alya's physicality included purple eyes and silvered hair. She wielded a wrist-mounted handbow, a weapon typical of the Fallen Legion, although any combat prowess she possessed with it or any other weapon was never displayed.

"He's kind of cute too... aww, just like a big baby"
-Cooing over a sleeping Tir'ade.

First Appearance: "Fate of Tir'ade" side-story, Page 1
Appears in Chapter(s): "Fate of Tir'ade"