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The Tei'kaliath clan symbol.


Tei'kaliath is a clan that has arisen from the ashes of a city which existed on the far reaches of the Drow nation. When the ruling clan was wiped out in a sudden attack, the city was descended into chaos and many people fled from the destruction. Banding together for the long journey for a matter of survival, the refugees rallied beneath the youngest - and only surviving - daughter of the former ruling Ilharess, following her away from the land of their destruction.

Their journey took many weeks in which many weak and injured died of hunger and wounds; most of the valuables that had been brought along were sold or traded for food to keep everyone alive. Finally coming to a place where a brilliant light was seen in the distance, their new Ilharess called their journey to an end, calling on her people to give themselves a new name for a new start.

And thus, the Tei'kaliath clan was born, little knowing that it had arrived in the lands near Chel'el'Sussoloth, and was beginning a journey far greater than it had imagined.

When creating a Tei'kaliath character for the Path to Power forum roleplay, or if you are wondering how to become more active in the Path to Power game, please consult the Path to Power Player's Guide.


Having been subjected to great loss and tragedy, the current philosophy of the clan is survival, first and foremost.

Clan Members

An updated listing of the clan's forum-active members can be found at the Tei'kaliath census, courtesy of Kirio!


An'jhali Tei'kaliath

Other Important Figures

Ar'lein Tei'kaliath - Engineer
Brorn Tei'kaliath - Miner
Elif'rafaat Tei'kaliath - Healer
Kahab Indri Tei'kaliath - Crafter
Katralya Tei'kaliath - Supply Master
Khan'zalika Tei'kaliath - Slavemaster
Kir'ima Tei'kaliath - Scout
Mari'ciel Tei'kaliath - Blacksmith
Quel'Ianthiss Tei'kaliath - Scout (deceased)
Ro'sij Je'thita Tei'kaliath - Architect
Shiir'fhayah Tei'kaliath - Warmaster


An'jhali Tei'kaliath
Oru'kiudo Tei'kaliath


Tei'kaliath is too small to have subhouses.

Clan Fortress

The Tei'kaliath currently occupy ruins of a once great fortress.

Clan Traditions

Many of the clan's members are practitioners of Tir'ay, a modern incarnation of an ancient dark elf unarmed fighting style. Tir'ay was practiced by citizens from all walks of life in their old city.

Special Features

Tei'kaliath is made solely of individuals who have survived the destruction of their former home city, all of them drowolath. Coming from all walks of life, the clan's members are a very diverse group.

Clan Colors

There are currently no official clan colors.

Clan Animal

There is currently no official clan animal.

Clan Troops