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The Kyorl'solenurn clan symbol.


The Kyorl'solenurn was formed by gathering all the different small clans and groups of drowussu and unifying them into one great clan, six hundred years after the exile from the surface began.


An alternative Kyorl'solenurn symbol.

The Kyorl'solenurn believe in purity. Mainly, the purity of the drow race. They disapprove of halfbreeds, but do not kill them on sight. Tainting is something the clan looks down upon with extreme predjudice. They will kill any tainted person they can get their hands on. People who associate with tainted, and people who are not opposed to the idea of tainting, are called corrupted, and the Kyorl'solenurn seek to purify them, by putting them through a process they call the "cleansing", which closely resembles brainwashing. The clan also disapproves of the Jaal'darya creations, and will destroy them on sight.

The clan holds a strong belief in Sharess, dedicating their lives to cleansing the world of the tainted - people who are going against what Sharess worked for - and closing any and all gates to the abyss.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures

Clan Members



  • Order of the Holy Eye
  • Order of the Twin Eyes

Clan Fortress

Due to the Drowussu's poor infared vision, they prefer well-lit areas. Their home is no exception, with its close proximity to Ssussunul. It is almost like day in the Kyorl'solenurn fortress.

Their fortress built like a temple, where its members go to pray to Sharess for guidance. The Kyorl'solenurn's fanatical pursuit for purity has created a formidable reputation amongst the other clans. Tainted drow rarely leave their walls alive.

Home to the Drowussu.

Clan Traditions

Special Features

  • The Kyorl'solenurn clan is composed mainly of Drowussu.
  • The Drowussu are extremely religious. They strongly believe Sharess had sacrificed herself to close all the gates to the demonic realm. They also believe it is their sacred duty to keep those gates closed.
  • The Drowussu religion centres on a Warden/Templar/Blade relationship. The Warden (usually a female) is metaphorically the eyes that judge. Templars and Blades (usually male) are the hands which carry out the judgement.
  • The Kyorl'solenurn have excellent training against demonic possession. Their highly trained templars are very knowledgable when battling otherworld invaders.
  • The Kyorl'solenurn will kill a tainted on sight, with no exceptions. They quest for purity in the race.
  • The Drowussu remain very segregated from the Drowolath. They even have their own specialized section of the Orthorbbae.
  • The Kyorl'solenurn have a reputation for being quite orderly.

Clan Colors

Drowussu see the world in black and white- and those are their general clan colours.

Clan Animal

The Kyorl'solenurn unicorn has evolved after spending long generations underground. The unicorn itself can be described as a cross between a mountain goat and horse. Their hooves have changed to become more suited to the rocky terrain, and they are capable of easily jumping. As its name implies, the unicorn has a horn in the centre of its forehead. They are ridden by Holy Lances, in times of war.

The Kyorl'solenurn clan animal.

Clan Troops