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The Sarghress clan symbol.


What today constitutes the mighty Sarghress clan was once split into a multitude of mercenary companies, spread out across the world. These companies were united by Quain'tana, who then forced her way into the high circles, becoming an Ilharess of a clan, making all these ruffians and commoners (in the eyes of the other clans) who had been mercenaries for the best parts of their lives, into nobles. It has been suggested that they had the support of the Sullisin'rune clan, yet the huge army under Quain'tana's command was an effective deterrent as well, making the other Val clans reluctant to oppose the Sarghress ascendance into clan status. In fact the army was second only to that of the Sharen clan.


An alternative Sarghress symbol.

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The Sarghress clan animal.

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