Ash'arion Sarghress

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Ash'arion Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Ash'arion Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: ash'arion
Current Status
Highland Raider
  • Mining
  • Mineral geek

Ash'arion is a Highland Raider with a fondness for minerals.

Appearance and Personality

Ash'arion is an average sized male drowolath with blue eyes and disheveled hair. He uses a short sword as his weapon. Ash'arion's dedication to minerals comes from being from a minor clan of miners and metallurgists who were absorbed by the Sarghress.

Biography - Arc II

Ash'arion is part of the squad escorting Ariel, Faen, Kau, Shala, Sar'nel, Chirinide, and Shan'naal to the surface. He tries to stop and examine the minerals Chel's outer layer is made of but Riz'riia and Synathra drag him with them. Along the way, they stop at the ruins of the Well of Light, where Relon'tar gives his report on the merits of salvaging something from the ruins. Later, they arrive at Dariya'ko where the squad goes their separate ways to rest.

At Ys

He later becomes part of a squad consisting of him, Ariel, Faen, Kau, Shala, Sarnel, Chiri, Shan, Riz’riia, Zan’nah and Die’tra and led by Tur’geis on the surface. He and Riz’riia discovered some burnt farmland and told the squad about it prior to their arrival at Ys.

When several fires were started in the colony of Ys, he was with Zan’nah and they see Shan chasing the perpetrator. When the Hermione fought back, he tries to stop Zan’nah from attacking since she’s drunk but she wouldn’t hear it. Later, the three corner the Hermione before Zan’nah tells the other two about the airship above the colony.

Morning after the fires

Downstairs in the Sarghress house, Tur'geis expresses his desire to not go after the airship, citing his reasons for why it’s a bad idea. Ash'arion and Nuru'lara guessed correctly that Ariel tried hard to convince Tur'geis to go after the airship, to which Tur'geis states that the only thing Ariel got from Quain’tana is her stubborness. After Chiri’s disastrous attempt at cooking, Tur'geis states that he’d still eat it to which Ash teases that he’d eat anything. When Syrak and Olarae arrived at the Sarghress house, Ash greets Syrak and asks him what brings him here to which Syrak answers he was assigned to do a tour of the Western Rim and Ys is just the first stop.

Decisions made

During a meeting, Ash'arion expresses happiness with the opportunity to escape Chel’s problems but also thinks Felde is just as good.

Leaving Ys

When it came time to leave Ys, he was not seen with either the group going to Chel or the group going to Felde, so it is presumed he made the choice to stay.

Notable Quotes

"Chel's first outer layer. This beauty is completely resistant to earth arts-" Before being dragged away by his squadmates.

Appearances outside of Moonless Age

Ash'arion first appeared as a weapons specialist in the Cloud Piercers Highland Raider squad in Relic Hunters.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 45.