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Ashu'athama Val'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters   2                              32                  50         

Ashu'athama Val'Sharen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Ashu'athama Val'Sharen
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Orthorbbae Headmaster - Devya Tower
  • Has a small flying dragon pet
Ashu'athama is the headmaster of the boy's section of Orthorbbae, and is Diva'ratrika's only living son.

Appearance and Personality

As a mere male, Ashu'athama stays far away from the politics his sisters delve into, and thus he is one of the few members of the Vel'Sharen clan that remain untainted. Because of his precipitous position of power, he is loathe to give his sister Snadhya'rune a reason to tinker with the male section of Orthorbbae.

Biography - Arc I

As the headmaster of the legs of the Orthorbbae, Ashu'athama ran the meeting held between the masters of the male school. When Kel'noz admitted to hiding a female student within their walls, he warned him of the possible dangers for the male headmasters and for the girl herself. However, he was ultimately one of the five out of eight masters that voted in favor of continuing to host the girl in Davya tower.

Ashu'athama also hosted the tournament held between the boys' towers of the school. He recited the rules and encouraged the students to bring glory to their respective towers.

Years later, when Chel'el'Sussoloth found itself on the brink of war between the major clans, Ashu'athama was relatively unconcerned about the dwindling student population, citing that children will always come back after the war. However, he showed serious concern over Kel'noz's recent disappearance and the possibility of the Val'Sarghress clan pulling out from Orthorbbae entirely.

Biography - Arc II

During Sil'lice's purge of Orthorbbae, Ashu'athama personally bars her entry into the male towers, insisting the boys within are innocent and have nothing to do with her sister's schemes. Though Sil'lice places her blade at his throat, she does not strike as Ashu'athama further chastises his sister for taking her vengeance to such extremes. Any further confrontation between the two is postponed as Sil'lice departs to chase Kiel and Nau'kheol, who had been spotted ascending in one of the lifts to the rumored Ninth Tower.

Notable Quotes

"Killing the one who betrayed you is one thing. To drag us all with you is madness."[1] - While blocking Sil'lice's entry to the Davya Tower of Orthorbbae.

Concept Art

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.


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