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  | Andri'fel Sarghress
  | Andri'fel Sarghress
  | Genani Sarghress
  | Genani Sarghress
| Kira'liss Sarghress
  | Key'sal Sarghress
  | Key'sal Sarghress
| Nel'ralka Sarghress
  | Tebryn Teuzt'sor Sarghress
  | Tebryn Teuzt'sor Sarghress

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Moonless Age chapter
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Main characters

[[Ariel]’s group and the Raiders assault Nagyescsed Castle in order to rescue Faen’arae and other elven prisoners before they can be sacrificed in a blood ritual.


Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3


Unsorted WIP

Portrait Ariel Val'Sarghress arc1.png
Ariel is the young heir to the Val'Sarghress clan. She has a powerful and uncommon shapechanging high sorcery.
Portrait Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune.png
Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and her clan are a relic of the Moons Age, and both have seen much strife in their expansive history.
Portrait Blossom.png
Blossom, The Flower Queen, is a childhood friend of both Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.
Portrait Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn Arc I.png
A young Val'Kyorl'solenurn warden that lives to serve in the name of Sharess and the clan, but is often caught between the conflict of upbringing and the truth.
Portrait Diva Liriel.png
Diva is a servant of Sil'lice Val'Sharen. She worked as a tutor for the young Vals of the Sarghress fortress.
Portrait Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune arc1.png
Faen'arae is a daughter of Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and the closest friend Ariel Val'Sarghress has. She suffers from strong empathy that is difficult for her to control.
Portrait Freyja van Niroenir.png
Frey'ja is a young light elf noble that befriends Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn on her exploration of the surface.
Portrait Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro arc1.png
Kyo'nne is an eccentric, upbeat Val'Illhar'dro popstar from Chel'el'Sussoloth.
Portrait Melodia.png
Melodia is a young and playful feral owned by Ariel Val'Sarghress.
Portrait Myou Kyorl'solenurn.png
A female member of the Order of Serenity and Chirinide's and Shan's travel companion.
Portrait Ragini.png
Ragini was once a slave in service to Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen and ulitimatly the one person to help the empress from her daughters.
Portrait Shan'naal Kyorl'solenurn Arc I.png
Shan is a templar who loyally serves warden Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.
Portrait Vaelia Arc I.png
Vaelia is an Emberi soldier of the Val'Sarghress clan and an important friend of Ariel Val'Sarghress.

Highland Raiders

Portrait Andri'fel Sarghress.png
Andri'fel is one of the Highland Raiders who assisted Ariel during her quest to find Faen.
Portrait Genani Sarghress.png
Genani is a Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.
Portrait Key'sal Sarghress.png
Key'sal is a Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface, now serving in Machike.
Portrait Nel'ralka Sarghress.png
Nel'ralka is a Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.
Portrait Tebryn Teuzt'sor Sarghress.png
A veteran Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.