Chapter 49 - Holy Mother

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Holy Mother
Moonless Age chapter
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Main characters

Related factions

The successor Shimi'lande has chosen has arrived in Chel to take her place as Holy Mother and Illharess of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn


Nidraa'chal Meeting

Dutan'vir Siege

Shimi's Successor

Anahid's Rise to Power


Main Characters

Portrait Anahid Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
The 12th elected Ill'haress of the clan, Anahid was taught by Lioshi at the Order of Serenity outputs to lead the clan back to the right path.
Portrait Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
A young Val'Kyorl'solenurn warden that lives to serve in the name of Sharess and the clan, but is often caught between the conflict of upbringing and the truth.
Portrait Minka Sann'ligr Val'Dutan'vir.png
Minka is a survivor of the Val'Dutan'vir extermination and is dedicated to restoring his clan's honor.
Portrait Shan'naal Kyorl'solenurn.png
Shan is a templar who loyally serves warden Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.
Portrait Valla'drielle Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
The former headmistress of the Kyorl school at the Orthorbbae, and briefly the 11th elected Ill'haress of the clan.

Supporting Characters

Portrait Ariel Val'Sarghress.png
Ariel is the young heir to the Val'Sarghress clan. She has a powerful and uncommon shapechanging high sorcery.
Portrait Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune.png
Faen'arae is a daughter of Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune and the closest friend Ariel Val'Sarghress has. She suffers from strong empathy that is difficult for her to control.
Portrait Kousei Kyorl'solenurn.png
Kousei is the Judicator of the Order of Twin Eyes, and sole surviving Judicator following the succession of Anahid.
Portrait Ky'ovarde Kyorl'solenurn.png
Ky'ovader is a former Warden of the radical Order of the Twin Eyes. Following the ascension of Anahid to power, she has gone into self-imposed Exile, seeing herself as unworthy of her clan.
Portrait Sker'ligr Mae'yukir Sarghress.png
Sker'ligr is a Val'Dutan'vir warrior serving within the Mae'yukir subhouse of the Sarghress clan.
Portrait Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen.png
Snadhya'rune is the eldest daughter of Empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen. She is the headmistress of the Orthorbbae and an incredibly powerful summoner.
Portrait Yuh'le.png
Yuh'le is an ex-Kyorl'solenurn sociopath and a friend of Mel'arnach.

Background Characters

Dutan'vir Reclaimers

Portrait Akumu'keshi Dutan'vir.png
Akumu'keshi is one of the surviving remnants of the Val'Dutan'vir clan, now a member of Ariel's Wolfpack.
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Beryla'zuli is a mixblood Dutan'vir that participated in the effort to reclaim the ancestral Dutan'vir lands.
Portrait Crossbow Lady.png
A unnamed civilian living in the North Cliff district during Maki's attack.
Portrait Mal'ligr Dutan'vir.png
An ex-templar and reaffirmed Dutan'vir with a personality disorder.
Portrait Vara'nin Dutan'vir.png
An ex-Kyorl Crusader and medic, taking part in the effort to reclaim the ancestral Dutan'vir lands.

Kyorl'solenurn Adherents

Portrait Ari'nara Kyorl'solenurn.png
An inquisitor for the clan that first appears with Tar'shay to monitor the citizens during Kyuusei's speech.
Portrait Asta'lin Kyorl'solenurn.png
A strong and masculine Warden participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Chime Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
Chime is one of the many adopted children of Shimi'lande, and reluctantly vouched for the new leader of the clan.
Portrait Eclavdiira'olin Kyorl'solenurn.png
A warden who's passionate about her service to Shimi'lande.
Portrait El'ysia Kyorl'solenurn.png
A warden who escorts Valla'drielle to the confirmation ceremony.
Portrait Eve Kyorl'solenurn.png
A female trainee of the Order of Serenity and Anahid's companion.
Portrait Lilli'thnee Kyorl'solenurn.png
A Warden serving during the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Lysire'indris Kyorl'solenurn.png
An extremely blunt and pragmatic warden of Order of the Twin Eyes, tasked with investigating clan corruption.
Portrait Merril'lin Kyorl'solenurn.png
Merril'lin is a mischievous seer in the service of the Order of the Holy Eye.
Portrait Myoko Kyorl'solenurn.png
A female Crusader and sniper participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Rafal'za Kyorl'solenurn.png
A warden, torturer, and executioner for the Order of the Twin Eyes.
Portrait Raveena Kyorl'solenurn.png
A female member of the Order of Serenity and Anahid's guardian.
Portrait Re'van Kyorl'solenurn.png
A templar who worked alongside Shan'naal to quell public outcry against the construction of another wall.
Portrait Satsicia Kyorl'solenurn.png
A Warden serving during the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Setheryll Kyorl'solenurn.png
A male Inquisitor participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Tab'irrie Kyorl'solenurn.png
A stable boy who hates clan traitors.
Portrait Tanooen Kyorl'solenurn.png
A tall female Holy Lance serving during the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Vashoor Kyorl'solenurn.png
A brash female Holy Lance participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.
Portrait Yakuise Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
Yakuise is a seer of Shimi'lande's line through adoption.


Portrait Nehleanee Vel'Sharen.png
Nehleanee is a ranking Vel'Sharen and nether summoner acting formerly acting as a liaison. In truth, she is a senior Nidraa'chal agent in service to Snadhya'rune.
Portrait Sasi'rael Nidraa'chal.png
Sasi’rael is a member of the Nidraa’chal, and Kalki's girlfriend.
Portrait Xharidil'uit Vel'Sharen.png
A Vel of Sarv'swati's lineage aiding the Beldrobbaen front.