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  | sponsor = Thrair
  | sponsor = Thrair (Chapter 49 version)
  | talents =  
  | talents =  
* Cooking
* Cooking

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Appeared in chapters                                       38           49         

Crossbow Lady
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Crossbow Lady
Race: Mixblood
Sponsored by: Thrair (Chapter 49 version)
  • Cooking
  • Crossbow Archery
  • Ham Sandwich Cook

A unnamed civilian living in the North Cliff district during Maki's attack.

Appearance & Personality

Crossbow Lady is a mixed blood drow of fairly average height and build, with long white hair and purple eyes. She is very no-nonsense, with a forceful personality. Though not fearless, she is willing to make a stand if need be, and masks her fear with bravado.


Battle for North Cliff

She first appears as a commoner in the streets of North Cliff, during Maki's attack on the district. As Maki battles Ariel, Crossbow Lady responds to the Vloz'ress scourges threats by shooting her in the shoulder with a crossbow, despite visibly shaking in fear. The act prompts other commoners to follow suit, forcing a now-greatly-outnumbered Maki to flee the scene.

Dutan'vir Reclamation

She later appears as one of the many former Dutan'vir that respond to Minka's call to reclaim the ancestral Dutan'vir lands. She takes part in the defense against the Kyorl'solenurn siege, providing sniper fire against the attacking Kyorl forces alongside Beryla'zuli and Vara'nin. Spotting Valla'drielle, she attempts to assassinate the Holy Mother with a long-range shot, but misses by several inches. She is then injured by debris from the Kyorl'solenurn artillery barrage and forced to fall back. After the fortress surrenders, she seen among the captured survivors.

Notable Quotes

"Get out of my street. Punks." -After shooting Maki.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.