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Image:Concept_Daxia.png|Official concept for Da'xia.
Image:Concept_Daxia.png|Official concept for Da'xia.
Image:Concept_Daxia2.png|Official concept for Da'xia, for Chapter 57.

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Appeared in chapters                                                   50  52     57

Da'xia Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Da'xia Sarghress
Sponsored by: Alistante
Current Status
Nidraa'chal Agent
  • Metal affinity
  • Annoying people
  • Adores her seed

Da'ix is a former Sarghress Fallen Legionnaire and Nidraa'chal agent.

Appearance & Personality

Da'xia is a tall and lean drowolath with tainted eyes and long black hair. She wears a fairly typical Fallen Legion uniform along with a dark veil over her mouth. She is a rather mean-spirited individual, taking great pleasure in mocking and deriding others. She is also one of the few tainted to see her seed as an unqualified blessing, rather than a curse. She adores it and is quite convinced of its superiority as compared to other seeds.

Biography - Arc II

She is first seen in the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident, meeting with Illivafay in an alley to accept a report. Though initially dismissive of the Sullisin agent, she grows increasingly interested as Illivafay mentions tainted with changed behavior. Inquiring as to the rumours that Snadhya'rune can manipulate a person's seed, Da'xia shows a concerning level of curiosity and approval when these rumors are confirmed, though she quickly denies the errant comment. Accepting a notebook from Illivafay, she guarantees it will be delivered before departing.

Sarghress Civil War

Da'xia uses her metal affinity to gain access to Ariel's cell.

Da'xia arrived at the Sarghress prison after Ariel and Riviel had been locked up upon Koil'dorath's order. She shot the heir with a small hand crossbow bolt, which was poisoned with a paralytic toxin. When Ariel began to fall under the poison's effects, Da'xia used her metal affinity to gain access to the cell, berating Riviel in the process.

Riviel tried to reason with Da'xia, saying that they didn't need to kill Ariel. Although Da'xia expressed disgust at the idea of assassinating someone she felt was just a big kid, she nonetheless attempted to follow her orders. Using her metal affinity again to fashion a blade, she moved in for the kill. However, to everyone's surprise, Riviel intervened by punching the Fallen Legionnaire in the face repeatedly to subdue her.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Though she survived her attempt on Ariel's life, Da'xia seems to have renounced her former clan in the years since. She was present aboard the Nidraa'chal Airship as it descended into Chel in pursuit of the colonists fleeing the devastation of Machike. As the ship fell into a trap laid by the her former allies, Da'xia rushed to the main deck to return fire with a crossbow.

Da'xia brings word to the airship of the Sarghress' presence in Sha'shi.

Later, after the airship pursued the rogue colonists further underground, they stopped at the small engineering research outpost Sha'shi. Once airship had docked, several Nidraa'chal and a troop of Black Sun mercenaries went ashore to search for the Sarghress. Da'xia caught sight of a fleeing Ariel, and quickly ran back to the airship to alert the crew that the Sarghress were in Sha'shi.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Even my seed is getting impatient."[3] - To Illivafay, while waiting for a proper report.

"It makes me sick too, you're just a big kid. I really respected Quain'tana..."[4] - To Ariel, before attempting to assassinate her.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 57.


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