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==Biography - Arc III==
==Biography - Arc III==
Three years into living in the now-abandoned Orthorbbae, Diva had been tasked wwith raising the rambunctious child of [[Kiel]] and [[Nau]]<ref>{{ChapterRef|55|9}}</ref>.
Three years into living in the now-abandoned Orthorbbae, Diva had been tasked wwith raising the rambunctious child of [[Kiel]] and [[Nau]]<ref>{{ChapterRef|55|9}}</ref>. While watching the child in the ninth tower, she is taken surprise by a fast-moving figure in all white armor<ref>{{ChapterRef|55|17}}</ref>.
==Notable Quotes==
==Notable Quotes==

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Redirect arrow.pngThis page is about the former slave of Ariel Val'Sargress. For the empress of Chel'el'Sussoloth, see Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.

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Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Diva Portrait for Liriel
Race: Dokkalfar
Current Status
In the Ninth Tower
  • Earth sorcery
  • Formerly known as Liriel
Diva is a servant of Sil'lice Val'Sharen. She worked as a tutor for the young Vals of the Sarghress fortress.

Diva is the product of the aura of Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen being implanted in the body of a young drow girl named Ragini. Immediately following the initial possession, she entered a fusion state of the two clashing auras who named herself Liriel. Liriel had features of both Liriel and Diva, but due to the constant struggle between the two aura, she drank liberally. Upon following Ariel to the surface and seeing the old country, Liriel regained all of Diva'ratrika's memories and metamorphosed (physically and mentally) to take the form of Diva.

Diva told her story to Ariel and Faen but promised to serve them until she could regain the power she once had. She now works as a tutor, using her personal knowledge to teach the girls about the history and politics of Chel'el'Sussoloth.

Appearance and Personality

Due to Diva's nature, she has shown drastically different appearances and personalities.


Until she experienced the Overworld with Ariel, Diva was a combination of Diva'ratrika (the dark elf Val'Sharess of Chel) and Ragini (a drowolath slave) that named herself Liriel. Her hair was pale blue and cut short, and her eyes were a light purple. Her skintone was similar to that of a dark elf, but her pupils had the red glow unique to a drow. She wore simple dresses and a slave collar around her neck.

Due to the clash of auras in her mind, Liriel was often confused and in pain. She dulled this by drinking large amounts of beer, making her silly, outspoken, and immature. She was a carefree trickster who stuck by Ariel's side even after Ariel insisted she leave.


When Diva'ratirka's aura took over Ragini's body completely, her appearance and personality drastically changed. Her eyes and hair turned deep purple, and though her body stayed young she took on the manner and memories of Diva'ratrika. She renamed herself Diva began to wear more Val'Sharen inspired clothing.

Diva is much more mature than her Liriel persona. Without the constant pain of two auras competing for control over her body, she did not need to intoxicate herself with beer. She became wise, polite, and respectful to her masters. Though she exhibits frustration with her situation, she is generally patient and tactful.

Biography - Arc I

Liriel the Slave

Diva first appeared as Liriel with her origins unknown. She met Ariel and Faen after her previous master, who attempted to rob the girls, was killed by a wolf under Faen's empathic control. She insisted on following them as her new masters. She quickly showed an insatiable appetite for mushroom beer and one of her first actions as the pair's slave is to offer to guide them to the Black Dragon Tavern in payment for a beer. She helps the pair buy a gladiator slave, Vaelia, to fight on their behalf.

She followed Ariel everywhere, even when her "master" ordered her to leave her alone. She gave Ariel un-asked for advice at every turn until she finally followed Ariel up to the surface to help find Faen.

Diva Reborn

Liriel is reborn as Diva.[1]
Upon leaving the underworld, Liriel slowly sobered away from the mushroom beer she constantly drank. She began to provide strange bits of knowledge that she was far too young to know and her ramblings became increasingly incoherent. Upon reaching the Halme castle, she experienced severe flashbacks from the memories of Diva'ratrika, triggering a metamorphosis in which she became Diva'ratirka reborn.

As she adapted to this change, she cut her bangs short and decided to make amends with Ariel. She told Ariel her story, and though Ariel was dubious, she agreed to begin calling her Diva.[2]

She remained Ariel's servant as she gathered information at the Val'Sarghress Fortress. Eventually, she discovered that her "daughter," Sil'lice Val'Sharen, had survived and was hiding with the Val'Sarghress. She approached Sil'lice, meeting the young Vel'Sharen siblings Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol along the way. She told the present Sharens that she used to work as a personal servant for Diva'ratrika, and offered her services when they would not interfere with her duties to Ariel. She was assigned to tutor the young Kau and Shala Val'Sharen.

Biography - Arc II

Journey to Mimaneid

Main article: Felde Gathering

Diva remained with the Val'Sarghress, serving not only Kau and Shala, but Ariel and Faen as a tutor. She told them stories about the history of Chel'el'Sussoloth and the legend of Blossom, and taught them about the politics ruling the city.

Diva uses this as an opportunity to install herself in Sil'lice's path of vengeance, and eventually finds herself on the trail to Mimaneid with Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta Vel'Sharen--who had recently come out of hiding to support her sister's cause. Diva's role in the renegade group is unknown, but she serves as a source of information for Nishi'kanta's children when they reach their hosts, the Mimian clan called Kavahini. With Sil'lice gaining an alliance with the minor clan to strike Felde, Diva's hope in setting things right is renewed, and she is seen on top of the Mimian World Tree thinking of her third daughter's accomplishments.

Assault on Orthorbbae

Diva is there for Kau to comfort the young male, after Sil'lice rejects him for being tainted[3]. Some time later, Diva decided to see where the Saghress stored looted items from her tower, guarded by Tebryn. She has a moment of doubt as the merged dark elf goes over her life decisions while looking at her corpse[4]. Teb'ryn doesn't believe Diva's story of aura transposition, however Diva is unconcerned, knowing nobody would really believe her anyhow.

Even though she wishes to try again with both Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta after Snadhya is confirmed dead, Sil'lice's attitude creates a rift between Diva and her third daughter: The two arrive in the Ninth Tower with Sil'lice's family and Sarghress soldiers, only for Sil'lice to impale Sha'sana before the dark elf could address Diva[5].

As Sha'sana lay dying on the floor, Diva speaks to her old friend: the former Headmistress immediately discern's Diva's true nature but chooses not to transfer her aura as the Empress did. Instead, Diva comforts Sha'sana in her final moments, recalling old memories of the time before the Moonles Age, and telling her a story of how the surface world they knew is recovering once more[6]. Among Sha'sana's last words were directions about a particular book, with research notes documenting her quest to find Sharess' spiritual self in the nether worlds.

When Sil'lice wakes up to a tainted aura within her, Diva is less than impressed with her daughter's antics. Leaving her to deal with the new condition, Diva heads for Sha'sana's personal library, but not before visiting Sharess' body to reaffirm her purpose[7].

Biography - Arc III

Three years into living in the now-abandoned Orthorbbae, Diva had been tasked wwith raising the rambunctious child of Kiel and Nau[8]. While watching the child in the ninth tower, she is taken surprise by a fast-moving figure in all white armor[9].

Notable Quotes

"You are in the presence of Queen Blueberry the Third!" - Liriel to Rik about being placed in a bag if she causes to much trouble.

"Sharess, if only you could see this. The world we knew passed away, but the seeds we gave our lives to protect is bringing new life. All it needs now, in order to thrive, is the right guide to ensure my elder daughter does not extinguish it." - Diva, watching Kavahini forces take off for Felde.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 45.


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