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Felde, known as the Emerald City, is city on a mountain side in the Mist Sea northeast of Chel'el'Sussoloth and is under Snadhya'rune's control. to travel there, one would need access to boats, for it is surrounded by a large lake fed by the many waterfalls spilling from masterfully carved architecture built into the mountain.


The History of Felde.

Built upon the side of a mountain of hard ore, the people of Felde dug themselves a safe haven at the mountain's base. Their town takes great advantage of its land building both vertically and horizontally, up and down along the mountain's walls and crevasses, above and around the surrounding lakes. Their hanging city shimmers due to the ore extracted from the mountain, and for rich travelers it's like a resort, a place to escape the stress of Chel'el'sussoloth.[1]

Buildings are built almost entirely out of a crystal material that reflected light in a way that created iridescent lights around the city. Houses are carved in such a way that allowed water to flow naturally down the mountain in which Felde is built into. Bridges sprawl all over the city, connecting islands of buildings and homes. The favored mode of travel in Felde is either by bridge or by boat on the lake below.


Felde serves as a major trading hub in the Nidavellir, as well as an escape for those who have the means to live in the Emerald City. Wealthy nobility from Chel'el'Sussoloth in particular moved into Felde over time to slowly shape the city poltics in their favor, and unfortunately it is now known as an extremely expensive city to live in. Slaveborn exist to pamper the rich, and the poor serve to work their entire lives for the ones that live in the crystal towers. Those who can't afford to live in this city instead make their livelihood on the lake surrounding Felde, fishing and living in houseboats out in the water. Real estate in this place does not come cheap or easy, and those that live or stay here are either wealthy, or natives. The natives are mostly fishermen who work to provide food for the rest of Felde, found living along the city's bottom where the ground is rocky and houses are cheap.

Due to the Sharen (in reality, the Nidraa'chal) having absolute control over the city, there is a distinct lack of districts and clan entities in Felde. Instead, merchant guilds control business and politics, with Snadhya'rune ruling them from the shadows. Because of the heavy influence of the rich Vals who came to Felde from Chel and Mimaneid, strict adherence to social norms covers up the underlying problems the city faces, such as poverty and showing any sign of weakness.

The native people of Felde bear the same charcoal black skin color like other drow civilizations that live in or on the edge of the Nidavellir, such as the Mimians.

More can be learned from the Felde audiobook[1]

This article reflects events up to chapter 46.


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