Finol Chandra Vloz'ress

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Finol Chandra Vloz'ress
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Finol Chandra Vloz'ress Portrait for Arc II
Sponsored by: Dice Warwick
Current Status
Orthorbbae Squatter
  • Salvages discarded dresses for her own use.

Finol is an emotionally unstable Vloz'ress residing in Orthorbbae. She was formerly a mercenary acting as one of Larvova's scourges.

Appearance & Personality

Finol is a female drowolath with a wiry build and tainted eyes. She has dark brown hair tied back into several thick braided ponytails, and her left brow has a pronounced scar. She used to wear one of Zala'ess' discarded dresses which she had salvaged from a pile of refuse. Over this, she wore an incomplete suit of Vloz'ress armor that provided protection to only her upper body and head. Three years after the Puppeteer Incident and the fall of the Vloz'ress, she has instead taken to wearing an old dress of Kharla'ggen's, which she leaves unfastened and exposing her breasts. Her favoured weapon is a solid-iron broadaxe.

Finol is rather emotionally volatile, prone to bursts of emotion and sudden mood swings. She is a blunt and often-disrespectful woman, openly criticizing Larvova and expressing contempt for her fellow scourge. She is also somewhat self-serving and jittery in response to danger, placing a high priority on her own safety.

Biography - Arc II

Finol and Labran'che abandon Larvova rather than face Kharla'ggen's ire.[1]

Felde Peace Conference

Main article: Felde Gathering

Finol first appeared accompanying Larvova during her visit to Snadhya'rune's gathering in Felde, alongside Kuso and a fellow scourge.[2] She was the first to notice the arrival of Kiel and her assorted companions, drawing Larvova's attention to the approaching group. Kiel's arrival puzzled and frustrated Larvova, a matter not aided by Finol's flagrant ridicule over her trust in the young clan-leader. Determined to have answers and aware of Kuso's history with Kiel, Larvova tasked the hapless mercenary with uncovering Kiel's purpose for attending the gathering while Finol observed from a nearby courtyard.

Unfortunately for all involved, one of those accompanying Kiel'ndia was none other than Kharla'ggen, the incredibly powerful and unstable Illhar'ess of the Vloz'ress. Already causing a disturbance with her atrocious table manners at a buffet, Kharla'ggen's ire was unintentionally drawn by a hapless servant attempting to direct her elsewhere.[3] As Larvova was alerted to the oncoming disaster, both Finol and Lebran'che opted to flee over the parapet rather than confront the deranged Val, with Finol meekly wishing Larvova luck in handling the incident.

Though Larvova attempted to soothe Kharla'ggen, it was ultimately the arrival of Khaless that averted the disaster. Suave and manipulative, Khaless was able to take advantage of her true nature to pique the child-like Ill'haress' interest, convincing Kharla'ggen to accompany her to a another room in order to receive a "surprise".[4] As Labran'che expressed his relief, Finol irritably threatened to give him a reason to continue complaining.[5]

Finol would go on to accompany her master to Snadhya'rune's presentation,[6] witnessing both Ran'diirk's failed assassination and the revelations that followed, as Snadhya'rune declared her bid for power and rulership over the Underworld. When Shodun gave the Spellsong-empowered command for those present to kneel, Finol dropped to her knees with all the others.[7]

Finol is among the many controlled by Kharla'ggen.[8]

Puppeteer Incident

Shortly thereafter, Finol was one of the many to escape aboard Kiel's Turtle Summon following the disruption of the peace conference and a massive attack by Kavahini forces, continuing to accompany Larvova as the vessel returned to the Vloz'ress District.[9] Upon their arrival, it became evident that a large military force of Sharen Alliance was taking refugee within the district, an impromptu and informal alliance brokered by Nyo'ka.[10] Puzzled by the Sharen presence, Finol asked her master if she had known of such an alliance. Angered at the reckless ploy and yet impressed with Nyo'ka's ambition, Larvova grimly noted the dangers of allying with the Sharen. Though Finol snidely remarked on Larvova's attempt to ally with Snadhay'rune, herself a Sharen, Larvova dismissed her scourge, insisting they leave the thinking to their "betters".[11]

As Finol disembarked with Larvova and her fellow scourges, Chrys'tel suddenly noted Finol's attire, briefly confronting the startled scourge. Though Finol meekly attempted to deny it, Chrys'tel was able to deduce the theft of her mother's dress and, apparently, lingerie.[12] With nothing coming of the incident, the group proceeded through the Vloz'ress District to confront Nyo'ka over her actions. Along the way, Finol expressed surprise at the sight of Sarghress entering and departing a Sharen camp without inciting a battle.[13] Though the group was able to locate Nyo'ka, the rogue summoner refused to acknowledge Larvova's concerns, nearly triggering a fight when Lind'orm attempted to press the matter.[14] Larvova then tasked Finol with following Nyo'ka while she attempted to gain an audience with Zala'ess.

As with most of the drow in the area, Finol was soon caught up in what would later known as the Puppeteer Incident, orchestrated by Ni'bai. Having forced Kharla'ggen to absorb the Demon God, Ni'bai had her take control of the majority of the drow within the nearby districts in an attempt on the life of the various clean leaders.[15] Finol was among the controlled Vloz'ress who were used as living shields in an attempt to bar entry to the fortress, forcing Kiel'ndia to take an alternate route to confront Ni'bai.

Though Kharla'ggen's death released Finol unharmed, the Vloz'ress had effectively been destroyed as a great clan, forcing the survivors to scatter to whatever refuge they could find.[16]

Finol is intent on making sure the demon is dead.[17]

Biography - Arc III

Squatting in Orthorbbae

At some point in the next three years, Finol joined Kiel and several other remnants of the Vloz'ress as they took up residence within the nearly-abandoned Orthorbbae. Though relatively secluded, the tower was not entirely without value, and a pair of masked agents allowed a demon hosting a shard of the defeated Demon God entry into the inner courtyard in attempt to provide a diversion as they entered the Ninth Tower.[18] Though Kiel and Nau'kheol were initially unable to overcome the beast, Naal'suul was able to enter and devour much of the demon's essence, greatly weakening it. As Nau finished the beast with a blast of fire sorcery, Finol arrived in a panic and struck the corpse with her axe, insisting she could see still see it moving.

Notable Quotes

"Hah, you really fell for Kiel's haleshit."[19] - Brazenly criticizing Larvova.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 55.


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