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Moonless Age Fungus
Queensflower blooming from a dead drow.
  • Feeds on mana-bearing life.

Queensflower is a lethal and highly virulent parasitic fungi that targets mana-bearing creatures.


Queensflower is a highly-specialized fungi targeting mana-bearing life. As such, it poses no danger to non-fae beings such as ferals. It reproduces in the manner typical of most fungi, dispersing spores into the air. The fungus is exceptionally virulent, with an infection rate at or near 100% for those directly exposed to infectious spores. Once the spores have infected a host, progression is rapid, with symptoms of fever and fatigue appearing as quickly as one day after infection.[1]

Most alarmingly, as infection advances, infected individuals suffer profound effects upon their mental state. Hallucinations, paranoia, and other forms of insanity or dementia appear, limiting the ability of an infected individual to recognize their own symptoms. Indeed, a mere five days after infection, a host's perception and memory has been so dramatically altered that they perceive visible growths as unrelated objects.[2] Within 10 days, these psychosis advance to such a degree that the host is entirely unaware of massive fungal growths spreading over their own bodies and those of others nearby.[3]

Countermeasures and Treatments

As Queensflower spreads through direct contact with fungal spores, it is possible to avoid infection by limiting one's exposure. A basic mana shield is sufficient to destroy or block spores, though extended use of such a shield is exhausting; leaving it a short-term solution at best.[4].

History - Background

The Destruction of Amaranth

History - Moonless Age

Amaranth Expedition

Untold years after the fall of the great nation, the Val'Jaal'darya came to rediscover the ruins of Amaranth in the course of her scientific research. With their researchers having rediscovered Queensflower, Ill'haress Asira'malika authorized the study of the flower and its potential as a biological weapon. Leading the research and seeking to study its effects on living beings in person, Femi Val'Jaal'darya funded an expedition to one of the fallen empire former outposts near the southern border of the Nidavellir.[5] Keeping the danger secret from the Blue Banner relic hunter group she had hired, she tasked them with investigating the outpost under the pretense of gathering valuable relics, intent intent on exposing them to the fungal spores within the ruins.[6] As planned, the mercenaries came into close contact with the spore-laden husk of an ancient victim.[7]. Though only remaining within the ruins for several hours, each of the mercenaries had become infected. No longer requiring their unwitting test subjects to remain in the are and seeking to avoid their own exposure, the Jaal'darya researched informed the Blue Banner group the they would begin returning to Chel. Though suspicious, the mercenaries followed their orders, allowing the two Jaal'darya to follow from a safe distance as the infections progressed. Within ten days, each of the mercenaries was visibly infected and suffering extreme psychosis, prompting Femi to declare the experiment a success that would please Asira'malika.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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