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Appeared in chapters                                   34                        

Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Frehling
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
  • Writing
  • Gossip-mongering
  • Best known for his romance novels.

Frehling is an independent wordweaver, or author, that accompanied Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol as they traveled to Nuqrah'shareh.

Appearance & Personality

Frehling is a male drowolath of thin build with purple eyes. He wears his hair shoulder-length and undyed, styled into a rough ponytail. He dresses plainly, wearing a simple brown tunic over a white shirt and trousers. Perhaps his most notable feature is his ornate set of multi-lensed spectacles.

He is a very cheerful and optimistic individual, with an easygoing and playful nature. This is perhaps owed in part to his status as a neutral author, allowing him to witness and record events of political importance without himself becoming drawn into them. Though much of his work is scholarly in nature, he is best known for his romantic novella, and he displays a keen interest in any source of salacious gossip that might provide material for his writings.

Biography - Arc II

Journey to Nuqrah'shareh

Frehling first appeared in the company of Chrys'tel, as Zala'ess led a large contingent of Sharen forces to forge an alliance with the Illhar'dro of Nuqrah'shareh. Assessing the situation, Chrys'tel spoke of the traditional strengths of Nuqrah'shareh; namely it's relative unity and highly defensible location in the underworld making it a near-insurmountable bastion against invaders. Grimly, Chrys'tel noted that these strengths now worked against her people as the Sharen rode to aid Queen Nega'fanea against a rebellion led by Balsii. Riding at her side, Frehling cheerfully remarked on the historic nature of the war, and of the opportunity for legendary deeds in the coming battles.[1] His easygoing exuberance was not matched by the young overseer, and she reaffirmed the great risks her clan undertook in Zala'ess' efforts to secure an alliance. Despite her misgivings, he remained optimistic, cheerfully recording her opinions and observations into his journal.

Juicy Gossip

At some point during their travels, the topic of conversation moved to Nau'kheol and his potential love life. Though Frehling was eager for any details, Chrys'tel defended her brother from further harassment, insisting the two received enough pressure from their mother for grandchildren enough as it was. Unperturbed, Frehling simply shifted his inquiries onto her own love life, much to Chrys'tel's irritation.

Notable Quotes

"Aren't my love stories the most famous? I would immortalize his love and passion with my writing!"[2] - Offering to pen a novel detailing Nau'kheol's romantic life.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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