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Private Genani.

Age: 41
Martial Style: Genani wields a large two-handed hammer. Her combat style focuses on high mobility and the careful, precise application of overwhelming force. She has a hold-out dagger in case she is unable to wield her hammer.
Mana Skill: Catalyst. Genani has a high level of mana and is able to lend her mana to others to increase the potence of that individual's mana effect. She has some practice with High Arts, and favors the earth element for defensive and utility spells.
Special Skill: Cooking. Genani is an excellent cook who can turn unsatisfying field rations into something more wholesome and filling.

((Genani originally appeared in Mel's Knighthood, was present through the entire adventure, and was transferred to Relic Hunters.))

Genani is a drowussu female and was a daughter born to a minor Kyorl'solenurn family, who is an exile for reasons she has never discussed with her squad mates. After leaving her Clan, she joined the Sarghress as a mercenary and has been with them ever since. Serving as part of the Fortress garrison, Genani was one of Mel's guards and followed her when she made her escape. The rogue drowussu was unable to recapture Mel, and sustained a grievous injury to her shoulder while fighting the demon drider, D'aurs (which, incidentally, is the reason she carries a back-up dagger).

After returning to the Sarghress Fortress empty-handed, she stayed on until eventually requesting to join the Highland Raiders. As a new transfer, she currently holds the rank of Private, though her previous experience may help to accelerate her promotion. On duty, Genani is professional and disciplined, although that might seem a bit cold and stand-offish to some. She is loyal to a fault to those whom she calls friend (a rare few) and, despite living amongst drowolath for many years, is still very much a drowussu in mindset.

First Appearance: Mel's Knighthood, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 1 / Relic Hunters, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 1
Guest Appearances: Moonless Age, Chapter 11, Page 49