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Appeared in chapters                                                         56  

Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Jaharka
Current Status
Imperial Overseer
  • Precise aim with mana blasts.
  • Is a living summon.

Jaharka is an Overseer in the Imperial Guard, appointed by and loyal to Snadhya'rune.

Appearance & Personality

Jaharka is a female drowolath of light build with merged tainted eyes. She has wavy white hair that is largely hidden underneath a while shawl. Aside from the shawl and a simple black sash, she wears a fairly nondescript Imperial Guard uniform, with little in the way of personalization or ornamentation.

She is an aloof and standoffish woman, well aware she is viewed with mistrust and scorn by some of her peers within the Guard. As her loyalty is ultimately to Snadhya'rune, her sense of duty extends only so far as it is useful to her lady, and she is fully willing to disregard the commands of her Captain when she sees fit.

Chrys'tel assassinates Jaharka after tackling her into a lake.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Searching for a Lost Guard

Jaharka first appeared as Chrys'tel led a small contingent of the Imperial Guard to locate two of their own that had gone missing. As a fellow guard provided a half-hearted warning for her safety, she rejected the sentiment with cold disdain.[2] Arriving in the Sarghress district, the group came upon the corpse of their missing peer, left hanging from the Sarghress battlements as a warning to all Vals. While Nemea'tari was distressed at the horrific death of her fellow Beldrobbaen and Sarai was enraged by the Sarghress' impudence, Jaharka was unfazed. With the Sarghress soldier commanding the wall refusing to cut the body down, Jaharka severed the rope with a blast of mana, irritably instructing Nemea'tari to grab the corpse so the group could leave.[3]

While the others focused their attention on retrieving the body and on the Sarghress manning the wall, Al'tesh noticed Sang's legion arriving just a short distance away with prisoners in tow. Having only recently returned from Felde, he drew Chrys'tel's attention to the sight. Warily eyeing the distracted Jaharka, Chrys'tel informed him to keep the knowledge to himself.[4] Though Chrys'tel initially rode up to Kor'maril alone to confront him over the Sarghress' actions within Felde, she was joined in turn by Al'tesh and Jaharka. As Kor'maril bluntly reported on Felde's devastation, Jaharka immediately departed to inform her lady, disregarding an order by Chrys'tel to return as a group.[5]


Alarmed, Chrys'tel immediately directed her mount to pursue Jaharka, closing the distance between them at the outskirts of nearby lake. Halting Jaharka's mount by attacking its eye with a vial of blood and her sorcery, Chrys'tel drew her sword and leapt from her own dragon to attack Jaharka.[6] After a brief scuffle beneath the surface, a wounded Jaharka emerged at the lake's edge just as Al'tesh arrived at the scene, with the rest of their fellow guard rapidly approaching on their own dragons. Pausing only for only a moment in confusion and erroneously assuming Jaharka had initiated the fight, Al'tesh stomped his foot into Jarharka's face. Stunned, Jaharka slipped back into the water, where she was finished off by Chrys'tel. As Chrys'tel dragged herself ashore, her companions quickly deduced that she was the one responsible for the disappearance of Snadhya'rune's other selected overseers.[7]


Unfortunately for Chrys'tel, Jaharka had undergone the process of becoming a living summon, preventing her from truly dying. As Chrys'tel was sent by Zala'ess to reach out to Snadhya'rune diplomatically, Jaharaka descended the stairs from Snadhya'rune's office, hatefully mocking Chrys'tel for failing to kill her.

Notable Quotes

"Death is temporary. But it hurt. You really hurt me, Chrys'tel. I can still feel your blade on my neck. The water in my lungs."[8] - Reveling in her survival following Chrys'tel's attempted murder.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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