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Honor, loyalty and obedience are the cornerstones of the Jie’yen. They are a true oddity, a clan consisting entirely of drowolath, yet repressing their chaotic nature. They are nearly unparalleled in the skills of unarmed combat and masters of infiltration and assassination, but these are mere skills that are part of a much broader, more tranquil ideology.


The ancestors of the modern Jie’yen hailed from the far south-western isles of Nuwa. Though located far from the origins of the nether gates that destroyed much of the old world they none the less eventually found themselves beset by the demons and forced to flee underground. Most of the scattered houses of their civilization found their way to Nuqrah'shareh where they united and, in the fourth century, adopted the Jie’yen name.

Culture and Politics

The Jie’yen culture is truly unusual for a drowolath clan. Though most of the race has a strong tendency for independence and chaos the Jie’yen restrain these impulses, instead pursuing a sense of total personal control over such erratic spontaneity. The teachings of the Jie’yen greatly deemphasize the value of the individual; each member is a part of the whole and acts on behalf of and in favor to the entire clan. This is most obviously evident in their ritualistically shaved heads, denying them the primary medium by which their already visually uniform race has for differentiation. These factors in conjunction with intense conditioning for loyalty and obedience make them easily one of the most orderly of the known clans.

Among the many methods by which the Jie’yen pursue complete personal control is through martial arts. Though the roots of their fighting forms lie in peaceful use they are none the less highly effective systems of self defense. They have grown famous about much of the underworld for their unmatched knowledge of unarmed combat.

The long period of tranquility that has permeated Nuqrah'shareh under Val'Illhar'dro dominance has been good for the Jie’yen, allowing them to practice their crafts in peace. Within their city they are loyal to the Illhar’dro and willingly accept students from other clans to learn their fighting arts. When the city fell into a state of civil war and the Val'Illhar'dro Ill'haress Nega'fanea was overthrown they placed their allegiance beside the disposed queen, donating a number of their combatants to retaking the Val clan's island fortress.

Clan Fortress and Properties

The Jie’yen hold a fortress within Nuqrah'shareh and some measure of surrounding territory, though the extent of which is unknown. Their architecture reflects the oriental influences of their homeland in the Nuwa isles with an emphasis on open-sided buildings supported by columns and gently arched roofs, all bathed in vibrant hues of red.

Information on any territory beyond their fortress is currently unknown.

Clan Members


Portrait Shi'thua Jie'yen.png
Shi'thua Jie'yen is the Illhar of the structured and disciplined Jie'yen clan.

Important Figures

Portrait An'jin Jie'yen.png
An'jin is a stealthy Jie'yen soldier allied with Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen's team.