Jiv'kyn Sarghress

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Appeared in side stories Babytastic Interlude

Jiv'kyn Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Jiv'kyn Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Val'Sarghress Fallen Legion
  • Stealth combat

Jiv'kyn is a member of the Fallen Legion. He and Myo'na were tasked with protecting Ariel Val'Sarghress until she came of age.

Appearance and Personality

Jiv'kyn is a friendly and funny member of the Fallen Legion. Despite the serious nature of his profession, he readily cracks jokes and happily supports the young Val'Sarghress heir.

Jiv'kyn wears the typical dark, lightweight armor of the Fallen Legion. He has messy white hair that hangs around his face.

Biography - Arc I

Jiv'kyn and Myo'na introduce themselves to Ariel and inform Syphile that the Little Wolf is under their protection.

When the young Ariel Val'Sarghress was made heir to the clan, Jiv'kyn and Myo'na were assigned to serve as her bodyguards. They immediately made their loyalty and caring for Ariel apparent as they fended off an angry Syphile and made jokes to the girl's amusement. The pair began to follow Ariel during her trips outside the fortress, and the three steadily became friends.

The Black Dragon

Jiv'kyn rebukes Ariel for her hasty decision to assist Rik'shakar.

During one particular outing to The Black Dragon arena, Ariel hastily started a fight in defense of Rikshakar, a gladiator that she owed a favor. The fight quickly escalated, and while it was clear Ariel's choice to get involved was a mistake, Jiv'kyn acknowledge the bad situation but stepped in to defend Ariel with a smile. The three barely had a chance to begin to fight back before Laele'aell took over, clearing the entire establishment of hostiles in one bloody push.

Protecting the Heir

They returned to the fortress safely. Ariel later formed a plan to interrogate Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen about Faen's disappearance, so Myo'na and Jiv'kyn provided her the support she needed. They stood by her side until she left for the Overworld, letting the capable Highland Raiders serve as Ariel's protective detail on the surface. When she returned, they once again took up the mantle as her protectors.

Biography - Arc II

Babytastic Interlude

Jiv'kyn once again took up the mantle as unofficial babysitter and protector of Quain'tana's grandchildren. Ariel and Faen visit the children after the Puppeteer Incident, finding Jiv'kyn sitting in a chair outside their door, feigning sleep. As they enter the room, he gives them a warning to "Beware the beasts."[1]

When Ariel, Faen and the children begin to make more noise than usual during their encounter due to Octarya's soiled diaper, causing Quain'tana to investigate. Jiv'kyn assures the Ill'haress that the baby's crying is normal, and is usually muffled by the door. She appears to be uninterested in the explanation, telling him to "shut it" before ordering him to clean up the mess.[2]

He then watches on as Ariel and Faen spend time holding Octarya as well as pondering having a family of their own.

Sarghress Civil War

Jiv'kyn attempts to protect the children from a pair of rogue Sarghress soldiers.

Jiv'kyn found himself called away by unknown persons. Unfortunately, it turned out that the summons was a ploy to get him away from Vene, Pelan and Octarya, leaving them unprotected. He was quickly called back by Faen's empathic abilities after she walked in on a Sarghress soldier murdering Vene. He returned in time to take down one of the assassins while Faen picked up the shield that marked the children's play fort, using it to kill the other attacker.[3]

Jiv'kyn quickly confirmed that Vene was dead, and explained to Faen that he had been called away, likely to leave the children without their guardian - someone with authority had to have ordered the attack on the children.[4] In an attempt to buy time for her to escape with Pelan and Octarya, he ran out of the children's room and into the approaching squad sent by Suu'be to extract the children, calling out a warning about assassins as he ran. They quickly tackled him, pinning his hand to the ground using earth sorcery while accusing him of the murder. He shouted at Faen to keep running as he attempted to break free from Awdri.[5]

Biography - Arc III

Hunting the Wolf Pack

Jiv'kyn and Myona continued their partnership after remaining in Chel with the rest of the Fallen Legion, serving under Mablevi's command. They accompanied Sang Niz'zre Sarghress on her pursuit of the rogue clan elements led by Ariel Val'Sarghress and Kel'noz Val'Sarghress, which culminated in an attack on the Alliance - and secretly the Nidraa'chal - controlled city of Felde. During the confrontation within the central tower, the duo stood at their commander's back, until Sang was challenged to a duel with Kel'noz for the leadership of the Sarghress clan.

Sang began to protest the duel, but was reminded by Myona that such a duel was a tradition of the clan, with Jiv'kin adding that Quain'tana would not have declined such a challenge[6].

Notable Quotes

Jiv'kyn and Myona remind Sang that leadership duels were a clan tradition.

"She is...was, the Mercenary Queen's daughter, your sister. The only other besides you and Mel'Arnach. Unlike Mel, she became everything that Quain'tana was hoping for. Laele was smart, beautiful, strong both of mind and body. Stubborn, yet she would follow orders and work hard for the clan. Our mercenary queen put so much hope in her that many common-born orphans, like us, were taken from the streets and trained from childhood with her to fight at her side." - Describing Laelle'aell to Ariel.

"This was a mistake, Little Wolf! We shouldn't have helped that guy - you should've thought before giving that order!" - To Ariel, after her orders to assist Rik'shakar result in a fight with the Black Dragon Tavern guards.

"This is not a random act of brutality. Someone ordered this, someone with authority." - To Faen, after interrupting an assassination attempt on Quain'tana's grandchildren.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.


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