Kau'shala Val'Sharen

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Kau'shala was the adjutant to Sillice Val'Sharen during the Nidraa'chal putsch.

Holding the post of "field tactician of the third daughter" he was a commanding figure in Sillice's personal warband and accompanied his position with suitably diverse battlefield abilities: fighting both mounted and on foot; wielding both polearms and short arms (a glaive and quarterstaff on one hand and an arming sword on the other) with competence; while being of sound mind to retain a full appraisal of the shifting currents of conflict even when he was in the midst of the confused wrack himself - his mana-powered tactical slate being in the grasp of his left hand even when he was laying about him with his right. That he was able to resist the aura-sapping infiltrations of and attempted possessions by daemonic spirits also indicates that he has considerable magical ability and psychological self-control. His morale was not infinite, though - before his final battle he was at a very low ebb, appearing quietly haggard and harried and close to despair (although when the touchstone of his clan's honour was threatened he marshalled himself again, signifying his patriotic spirit) whilst Sillice was by stark contrast loudly spitting invective in full venomous and inexhaustible flow.

Kau'shala had few distinguishing physical features beyond blue eyes. He notably wore a topknot to his hair.

Kau'shala was evidently proficient in the fulfillment of his duties, given that he won the confidence and trust of Sillice. Indeed, Kau'shala was directly related to Sillice - he referred to her as being "leader of my bloodline" and marched specifically in the Sharen imperial contingent as opposed to the company of any subhouse, although the impersonal nature of his remark makes it improbable that he was an immediate descendant. Whether he and Sillice shared any further personal or professional interaction outside of a military context isn't known. Nonetheless, the two are seen conversing comfortably together on an equal and frank level, and the fact that Sillice was willing to openly disparage her sisters (and by extension tarnish the imperial image) in the company of someone who is still, despite his lineage, ultimately a subordinate not privy to full authority indicates a considerable degree of familiarity at the very least.

Certainly Kau'shala was fiercely committed to the supremacy of the Val'Sharen. It is important to note, though, that his loyalty was borne not just out of familial obligation or the primal desire for pure dominion over others but rather a sense of true patriotism - an appeal to the power and the glory it conveyed. He was inspired by the grand regalia of the assembled Val'Sharen army at the opening of the Nidraa'chal putsch, and also the potent assertion of unity with many houses bent to a single clear cause that it represented; and was contrastingly especially mournful when considering the lost grace and majesty of the devastated gardens around the city temple.

Kau'shala was killed in action during the Nidraa'chal putsch, during a climatic confrontation between Kalki Nidraa'chal's company and the depleted remnants of Sillice's own regiment in the ashen and cratered ruin of Chel'el'sussoloth's temple gardens. Kau'shala boldly led the Val'Sharen rallying cry against Kalki's demand that they capitulate, going so far as to even land a blow against the Nidraa'chal captain with his sword. His prominent stance marked him out, though - Kalki observed "so YOU choose death" - and as a consequence he was the first target of the Nidraa'chal retaliation. He was bitten in two in a surprise attack by Sillice's warband's last dragon, which had been suddenly possessed by a daemon and turned against its masters. It was a cruelly poetic action on Kalki's part, a dark piece of theatre to assert the rise of a new regime - Kau'shala had asserted beforehand that "we are dragons, rulers of Chel'el'sussoloth!". The dragons agreed, but they bore up a different banner to his...


  • Sillice Val'Sharen: unspecified blood relation.


-"This used to be a garden, one of the most beautiful of Chel'el'sussoloth. All natural. It had taken a century to the gardener to create such a marvel."
Reflecting sorrowfully on the damage inflicted by war.

First appearance: Prologue, pg 12

Appears in chapter(s): Prologue