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The Kavahini are a clan of Mimaneid who are skilled in aerial warfare.


The Kavahini: Aerial Warfare Revolutionaries.

The Kavahini were born as a clan after the exile of the Val'Jaal'darya. Their origins can be traced back to the last great Siyah'khorshed war which led to the clans of Mimaneid to unite against them. Ulvhaki and her sister led the revolution in aerial warfare. They were of common blood and were mere duelists with hopes of great deeds.

After the war with the Black Sun, the Kavahini became rich from their victory and took root in the colony located in the world tree's branches. They claimed the owl as the symbol of their clan. Their numbers grew as young Mimians joined them, drawn to their lifestyle. Those who joined came from both the colony and the city below. They eventually became a clan to be reckon with in the politics of Mimaneid.

Now in the twelfth century of the moonless age, Mikilu of the Dutan'vir has come to them with a deal that could allow the Kavahini to extend their reach outside of Mimaneid. With rising tensions, the Kavahini see great glory should they defeat one of Chel's empress pretenders while gaining favour with the Sarghress.[1]

Culture and Politics

The Kavahini are a clan of warriors, just like any other clan of Mimaneid. Their way of battle is to take to the skies and attack their enemies from above.

Like the other clans of Mimaneid, their warriors are also hungry for honour and glory.

Clan Fortresses and Properties

Their fortress is located in the upper roots of Mimaneid.[2] Their clan symbol of the owl is displayed prominently on one of their buildings.

Clan Members


Portrait Ulvakhi Kavahini.png
Ulvakhi is the Illhar of the Kavahini, a clan of Mimaneid.

Other Members

Portrait Chakri Kavahini.png
Chakri was a brash Kavahini warrior and and ally of both Mikilu and Ariel.
Portrait Koubagia Kavahini.png
Koubagia is a mute and deaf Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Myridil Kavahini.png
A cheerful and determined Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Strigg'dae Kavahini.png
A pint-sized Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Taw'ni Kavahini.png
A cheerfully morbid Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Tirveena Kavahini.png
A focused Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Vestri Kavahini.png
An owl-adoring Kavahini warrior.
Portrait Zakndanree Kavahini.png
Zakndanree is an older Kavahini warrior and toymaker.

This article reflects events up to chapter 43.


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