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Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Kicker
Race: Dragon
Current Status
Imperial War-Mount
  • Limited Speech
  • Very strong appetite

Kicker is a war-dragon of the Imperial Guard, currently assigned to Nori'ga.

Appearance & Personality

Kicker is a robust female dragon with orange skin and golden eyes. She is lightly adorned in a decorative helm and scarf, but is otherwise minimally armored. She is a rather misbehaving and free-spirited mount, prone to ignoring commands and generally difficult to control. These traits are greatly amplified in the presence of food, as Kicker has a notably voracious appetite. Despite this, she is a rather docile animal, albeit thoughtlessly greedy in her actions.

Biography - Arc I

Kicker first appeared alongside her rider during a parade of Diva'ratrika, though unbeknownst to the public the parade was a sham using a body double of the late Empress. Spotting food in the hands of a nearby commoner, Kicker knocked the poor man to the ground in order to steal his meal, utterly ignoring the protests and commands of Nori'ga.[1] Though an altercation with the commoners was narrowly averted, Nori'ga bemoaned the rebellious nature of her new mount, chastising Kicker's prior owner for their poor training of the animal.

Biography - Arc II

Both Kicker and her master are captured by Sarghress invaders storming the Val'Sharess tower, in search of Sarv'swati. Kicker remained defiant despite being forced to stand down.

Notable Quotes

"Fuit! Fuiiit!"[2] - While hungrily eying nearby fruit.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 44.


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