Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress

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Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Commander - Sarghress Assault
  • Fire Affinity

One of the commanders of the Sarghress Assault Legion and both friend and adoptive daughter to Quain'tana.

Appearance and Personality

Koil'dorath is a hardened soldier in body and mind. Her build is large and menacing, and her face is rugged and marked by age. She has a serious and stern demeanor that she wields professionally in her command of the Sarghress troops. Like Quain'tana, she has little interest in politics and prefers to spend her time on the battlefield.

Koil'dorath has very long orange hair dyed red at the ends that she ties back in a messy braid. Her eyes are orange. Her armor is bright red and features several orange fire foci. She carries a large broadsword in battle.

Biography - Background

Born to Suu'be and Mandroga, Koil'dorath was adopted by Ill'haress Quain'tana Val'Sarghress and named official heir to the clan after Quain'tana exhausted other means of producing a blood heir. Despite her new position as heir, she remained a commander of the Assault Legion alongside fellow commander Sang.

During the Nidraa'chal War, Koil'dorath lead the Sarghress force defending entry into their home territory. Violently barring entry of both Nidraa'chal and Sharen forces alike, her forces cemented Sarghress neutrality in the conflict.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Ariel first met Koil'dorath in Quain'tana's throne room, where Koil accepted a merchant's offer to try a mana-enhanced retractable blade gauntlet. She later had an intense sparring bout outside the Val'Sargress fortress with Quill'yate Yurun'hiir Sarghress, the Commander of the Highland Raiders.

A few years later, Koil'dorath's status as heir was revoked and given to Ariel Val'Sarghress. While Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress, Koil's mother, was resentful of this decision, Koil'dorath did not mind at all and promised to serve the next Il'haress just as she served Quain'tana.

Biography - Arc II

Koil'dorath continued to lead the Sarghress Assault troops in the war on on the Vel'Sharen. She had heard "from good sources" that Ariel, the heir, was not to be promoted to active combat duty until after the war.[2] Ariel, unaware of this decision, answered Koil'dorath's call to the Home Guard for reinforcements. Koil'dorath leveled with Ariel and told her honestly that she did not want the heir title, she just wanted to kill Sharen.

Figuring her help would be worth Quain'tana's displeasure, she allowed Ariel to join the fight and placed her under Sang Niz'zre Sarghress' command. Meanwhile, Koil'dorath leads the charge against Beldrobbaen and Sharen forces from First Landing. Soon after the famed gate to Chel falls under Sarghress control, Koil'dorath moves to the western front for a final push against Vel'Sharen's land holdings directly, at the Val'Sharess' tower in the ruined districts. She is the one to deliver terms of surrender to the Sharen gate as the Sarghess move to surround the Sharen home fortress.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 45.


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