Kyorl'solenurn Orders

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The Templars and Wardens make up the rank and file of the Kyorl’solenurn’s formidable military. These dedicated warriors are paired up as male-female teams very early in their lives and train to work as a seamless pair in combat. Though the training both endure is often identical, the male Templars emphasize melee combat prowess while the female Wardens are typically more advanced in mana arts and sealing techniques. The Judicators also frequently employ the use of their Inquisitors, highly trained empaths skilled at information gathering and manipulation.


  • Judicator: A male-only position, and the leaders of their respective Orders. They guide and judge.
  • Warden: A female-only position, they are tasked with warding against corruption. Sealing demons, banishing them, and punishing those who brought their evil into the world.
  • Templar: A male-only position, serving to protect specific areas or people. Wardens take Templars when they leave their districts.
  • Inquisitor: Search for lies, heresies, and impurities so that Wardens and Templars can be assigned to deal with any such problems.
  • Seer: Are sent to other clans to guide. Using their prescience.
  • Crusader: A multi-gender role that serves as the bulk of the Kyorl'solenurn military, with little specialized training.
  • Holy Lance: A multi-gender role that is essentially a Crusader on a dawmere.

There are at least seven orders in the clan of which six have been named: the Order of the Twin Eyes, the Order of the Holy Eye, the Order of Serenity, the Order of Truth, the Order of Purity and the Order of the Enforcers.


The practice of tattooing one's forehead to signify where they belong to is a ritual unique to the Kyorl'solenurn--every member of the clan has a marking on their forehead, whether they be part of an Order or that of a branded heretic or drowolath in the process of being cleansed of corruption.

Several markings are well known throughout the clan, signifying that they belong to an Order, ranging from elaborate markings to the basic black circle of an initiate. Those who have yet to be indoctrinated into an Order bare no markings.

The Mark of an initiated Crusader, the lowest level of indoctrination:

The Mark of a Warden, the women who fight on the frontlines and seal the evil within:
Portrait Eclavdiira'olin Kyorl'solenurn.png

A Seer's Mark, reserved only for girls who have the "Sight", known otherwise as Prescience affinity:

Judicators have their own custom marks, and sometimes their followers share similar tattoos:
Portrait Kyuusei Kyorl'solenurn.png

The special Ill'haress' tattoos, which represent the markings Sharess herself once had:

Finally, those who have been "blinded" have their foreheads scarred and declared heretical: