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Appeared in chapters                                                        55   

Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Lil'turtle
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
  • Per Kern, has "Ninja-Turtle Green" eyes.

"Lil'turtle" is the placeholder name Kern has provided for the baby girl of Kiel and Nau. I have no friggin' clue when Kern will actually bother to name her properly. -Thrair

Appearance & Personality

Lil'turtle is a baby drowolath girl with green eyes. She has short white hair left entirely unstyled. She is dressed in a simple tan gown and has a green turtle shell fastened to her back, likely the decision of her eccentric mother. She has the typical mannerisms for a drow child of her age and has yet to develop her own personality.

Lil'turtle declares victory over her "Granny."

Biography - Arc III

Lil'turtle first appeared in Orthorbbae, three years after the majority of the school was sacked by Sil'lice. In the time since, Kiel'ndia and several of her peers had taken up residence in the largely-abandoned school. As Kiel'ndia was confronted by a demon bearing a shard of the Demon God, Nau'kheol rushed to aid his mate, leaving the child in the care of a rather flustered Diva.[1]

Unwelcome Visitors

While waiting for her father to return from assisting her mother in dealing with the rogue demon Pen'ri, Lil'turtle and Diva encountered two agents dressed in white armor, who paid little attention to them. Instead, the assassins made a beeline for the stasis chamber holding the empty body of Sharess. After Diva was stabbed by one of the intruders, Lil'turtle attempted to defend her "Granny" by pounding against the assassin's armor. To Diva's horror, the annoyed assassin brushed off the feeble attack and attempted to toss Lil'turtle down the stairs and out of their way.

Nau comforts an upset Lil'turtle, and is then scolded by his aunt.

Lil'turtle was saved by the timely arrival of Sil'lice, who caught the infant before she could fall. The Sharen warrior quickly dispatched the intruder with little effort, all the while still holding on to the baby. After the assassins were dealt with permanently, Sil'lice kept Lil'turtle by her side, watching over her until Nau'kheol returned to retrieve her.

Nau, clearly dismayed at his infant daughter getting caught up in the infiltration and attack, doted on the baby, consoling her as she wept with a hug and some baby talk. Unamused, Sil'lice promptly scolded him, telling him to spare her the baby talk and take better care of Lil'turtle[2]..

Realizing that they would have to seek out the intruders, lest they continue their attempts to break into the Ninth Tower and injure any more of its inhabitants, Nau and Kiel were forced to leave Lil'turtle behind in the care of Bae'dyn, Finol and Kuso as they ventured back out into Chel[3].

Notable Quotes

"Baba."[4] -Remarking on the curious noises coming from a nearby stairwell.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 55.


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